Vampire Maman’s Recommendations for Parenting Books

The ultimate list of parenting books  – click here for: Vampire Maman’s Recommendations for Parenting Books.

My recommendation about parenting is to DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR KIDS. Period. End of discussion. But read the article anyways because it will make you laugh.


Delivered to your door…

A story about taking care of your elders, love and family. Click here for: Delivered to your door….


The ASPCA Challenge: It’s All About Adoption

I adopted all three of my animals (a dog and two cats) at shelters, including “the county pound.” They are the most wonderful creatures  – all happy and healthy and well adjusted. And they are so funny and entertaining!

Summer is difficult for shelter animals because there are SO MANY animals who need homes. Plus the kids are out of school and will have more time to spend with a new pet! It is a win win situation for everyone!

Click here for more information: The ASPCA Challenge: It’s All About Adoption.



The link above is from Alcohol Cats – a blog you ought to be following. This post gets a 10 star review from West Coast Review!

There is no such thing as a “part time mom”

I’m a working mom.

I am also a FULL TIME MOM. I will ALWAYS be a FULL TIME MOM.

I might not be physically with my child but I am always there. I am ALWAYS the mom – full time – even when I’m at my office job. I am there.

In the fall my daughter will be starting high school. I’ve worked full time since she was 11 weeks old.

I challenge ANYONE to be as close to their child as I am to mine or to have done a better job at parenting.

People are always telling me “You and your daughter are so close.” Indeed we are and that is no accident. She is a happy, successful and well adjusted child with a good sense of humor. She is independent. She is popular. She does well in school. And she looks forward to a hopeful future full of possibilities. She has the world in her hands. AND she is proud of her mom – and her dad who also works full time (and is a FULL TIME DAD).

The same goes for 99% of the working moms I know.

There is no such thing as a part time mom. Period. End of story. Enough.

~ MT

A Pop Quiz for My Teenagers

The most brilliant parenting post I’ve ever read.

Click here for:A Pop Quiz for My Teenagers.

Put down your coffee or you’ll spit it on the screen laughing…or this might just have you crying.

If you aren’t following the blog Brown Road Chronicles you should be. It gets the 5+ star rating from West Coast Review.

Things to Teach Our Children

Things to teach our children:

  • Winning/beating someone in a lower skill level is not winning. It is a sissy thing to do. Strive for higher goals not the easy win.
  • Winning is not everything.
  • Life is not fair so learn from your experiences.
  • Even when things suck know that you’ve done your best.
  • Some people have bad morals and values and you have to deal with it because THEY are not going to change. You have to stand by what is right.
  • Being involved in a sport does not mean you will always see good sportsmanship.
  • If you fall get back up and keep going.
  • Never give up.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Support others.
  • You’re a good person if you do the right thing, treat other people fairly and stand your ground.