Farmer’s Market

Denio’s Farmers Market, Roseville, CA. This was  a light Saturday at Denio’s. The highlight is the produce but in this multicultural and local favorite weekend spot you can get furniture, clothing, jewelry, pottery, antiques, fabric, painting, shoes, tattoo equipment, tools, toys, plants, sunglasses – you name it and you’ll find it. It is one big…


One more thought for those of you who are looking for something calm… this is Oscar. He is calm and collected and cool. We should all be so lucky.    


Something beautiful and lovely and calming to start off your weekend with: Gemeni. This is from one of my favorite blogs: I always look forward to the wonderful photo posts. If you aren’t following it you should be.


I could live in hundreds of different places. There are places that I may very well move to and leave the area I’ve lived more or less my entire life. Five years ago I made a big move. It now seems like a million years ago. This is my story… Once upon a time there was…