Flash Movie Review: Slow West

A must see movie!


There has only been one person in my life who made me consider moving away from the city of my birth. Having friends from childhood and family around me, I never considered moving out of state before. In my past relationships I have met many people from different parts of the country and even world. I always asked what motivated them to wind up here and the answers went from the practical to the whimsical. No matter what the reason may have been, I thought anyone who could leave their job, pack up their home and move to a different part of the world was a courageous soul. I am especially fascinated by the influence love has on some people’s decisions to relocate. There was a friend of mine who met someone and within 4 weeks knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with them, so agreed…

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The Adventures of Buckaroo Zöllner Across the Fourth Dimension


“An attempt at visualizing the Fourth Dimension: Take a point, stretch it into a line, curl it into a circle, twist it into a sphere, and punch through the sphere” – Albert Einstein

Dr. Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner, Defender of the Third Dimension Dr. Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner, Defender of the Third Dimension

I’ve recently come to the important conclusion that Dr. Buckaroo Banzai, fictional physicist, neuroscientist, test pilot, and rock musician featured in the 1984 cult science-fiction classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension was modeled after the all-too-real astrophysicist, perception psychologist, and strange phenomena investigator, Dr. Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner (1834-1882) of Leipzig University.  While Zöllner never faced off with the Red Lectroids from Planet 10, he did explore the theoretical possibility that ghosts were invaders from the Fourth Dimension.

Zöllner’s academic credentials were impressive long before he started delving into the twilight realm of disembodied spirits.  He was chair of astrophysics at Leipzig University…

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It’s Time for Another Round of [R]evolving Incarnations! Who Wants to Participate?

Fun for Passionate Readers…

A Small Press Life: Books. Art. Writing. Life. Tea.

[R]evolving Incarnations: A Questionnaire For Passionate Readersis an interview series done in classic Q&A format. Each entry features one intrepid writer/blogger/artist/creative mastermind as they take on the same 40 reading-themed questions and scenarios.


If you haven’t participated yet, what are you waiting for? Interested readers may email me at: onetrackmuse@gmail.com!

Please spread the word.

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Red Nose Day!

Wondering about those red noses? This is a good thing! Check it out.

Official Site of Emma Jameson, New York Times Bestselling Author

I said I’d be back with more London pictures, but I forgot today is the first ever US version of Red Nose Day. It’s a very worthy charity dedicated to helping children in poverty, and dear to my heart. Learn about it here.

It's me with the red nose to help children living in poverty. It’s me with the red nose to help children living in poverty.

Here’s a famous supporter of the campaign:

James McAvoy for red Nose Day. James McAvoy for red Nose Day.

And one more:


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Short Story Sunday: Trifecta on Bullies, Slut-Shamers and Bad Dogs.

A different look on some serious ideas… and there is life after crap. There really is. Jerks don’t win. In the long run they don’t.

Vampire Maman

A while back I wrote a story about running into a bully from the past. Then I wrote another story about slut shaming. Today is the third story about a bad dog. You might have seen the first two already but they are worth reading again. The dog story is new. All three stories are about individuals we just don’t want to be around because it is NEVER a winning situation.

The Bully

Sunday mornings on the deck with coffee, a cat purring in my lap, a dog at my feet and my beautiful family still asleep upstairs equals something good. It is all good.

Of course it wasn’t always that way. I think of my kids. I’ve done a lot to make sure they’re strong and secure. I make sure they’re not open to con artists and bullies. I made sure that they learned to stand up for the…

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The Past Lasts A Long Time

Stories that Must Not Die

This post was submitted anonymously.

I’ve been bullied in school, for several years. Not just by people I knew – some of the bullies recruited others to call me names and act as if I were ridden with some disgusting, contagious disease. There were times when I was hardly able to open up to anyone, as I could not feel safe any longer; everybody could be on their side now.

I was singled out for being a little poorer, a little weirder, a little geekier, a little less pretty, a little more religious. People said I was from Alpha Centauri (which, by the way, is a sun, not a planet). In class people threw more than just words at me – pieces of chestnut, broken ball-point pens, and once, a little rock.

They constantly let me feel I wasn’t worth as much as them, that I didn’t have the right…

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A Story A Day Challenge: Putting on a Show

A lot of fun.

The BiaLog

Putting on a Show

Dirk pushed the covers aside and reached for his watch, knocking over several empty beer cans and a drained bottle of Jack.

The clamor made him wince and rub his head as a woman’s groan next to him caught his attention.

“Hello, baby. Guess I put on a show last night, eh?” He smiled to himself at the performance he couldn’t remember. His smile faded when the band’s manager rolled over to face him.

“Dirk, as your manager, I suggest you keep practicing. At least you’re not the drummer. You can’t set or keep a rhythm to save your life.”

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The Face in a Jar by the Door

Completely in the Dark

EleanorRigby“I’ve never felt lonely,” Dad once said to me. “Solitude, sure, but not loneliness.”

He probably said this while we lived on the farm, when I was in my 20s. Heck, it could’ve even been earlier, when he gave me that advice about a high school girlfriend. Who knows?

I do know one thing.

The man was as wrong as wrong can be.

A person can have the most connected life—always consumed by “something larger than oneself,” with money, friends, travel, family and career—but never feel lonely?

Oh, no. Not on your life.

My late father, project manager par excellence, was an expert at solitude. When angry, rather than stew about it, he’d just yell. Get it out of his system. Then take off in his boat and go fishing.

I think early in life he quickly learned to deal with upsets by cultivating solitude—something…

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Sad News

Send love and support.

The Matticus Kingdom

I have terrible news to share with the blogosphere today.

Horrible, no good, awful news.

Many of you knew him as Grayson Queen, author and artist extraordinaire.  Perhaps you’ve read one of his novels.  Perhaps you’ve purchased, or at least enjoyed, some of his paintings or sculptures…  Perhaps you knew that he was also Rara‘s husband, Dave.

I don’t have a lot of details, but I can confirm that Dave passed away earlier this week.

Please share this post wide and far.  Please say a prayer for Dave and Rara.  Please send her every ounce of spare energy you can muster.  She needs us.  Dave’s family and friends need us.

And send her mail to show her your love, your RawrLove:

Radhika Jaini WF0124
16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA  92880

You don’t need to know what to say.  You don’t need to say anything…

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