Vampire Diary: Something I Do Understand

A fun little bit about vampires and kitties.

Vampire Maman

Dear Diary,

The cat has gone missing. I looked everywhere. Damn me to Hell I can hear or smell any prey but I cannot find a cat. My cat. The cat of the damned. My frustration increases by the hour. I haven’t given her a name. She has not told me what she wishes to be called. I don’t know how to call her.

~ Vlad


Dear Diary,

Last night. A woman as beautiful and seductive as Helen of Troy held me in her embrace and let me into her trust. I drank her blood then sat as she slept and thought about my cat.

The woman woke and asked me why I looked so sad. I told her I’d lost my cat. She told me to put up a sign.

I didn’t understand. She smiled and called me a dumb blonde. I am so confused. I don’t understand…

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Short Story Sunday: Fallen

Good, Evil, and maybe some romance… maybe…

Vampire Maman

“Oh man, I wish we could turn into bats like in the movies. That would make things a lot easier.”

Max leaned against the kitchen counter listening to his friend Pierce. It had been a rough night for the hunters of shadows – the Vampires who were dedicated to keeping their world safe for both Vampires and those they lived among.

“Do you think she’ll be alright? I didn’t say anything in the car. You know how sensitive she is.”

Max poured himself another glass of wine. “She’ll be fine, eventually. I’ve seen her through worse. Mehitabel has seen herself through worse.”

“Mehitabel won’t tell you if anything is wrong. Come on Max, she took on…” Peirce paused.

“A fallen angel. Sure, and some people call us fallen angels. They have no idea. We’re just physically different. The fallen angels are pure evil.”

“So is the poison that entered our friend, your…

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A Story A Day Challenge: Tables Turned


The BiaLog

Tables Turned

Doctor Wendell struggled against the binding straps that held him to the operating table. “For the love of God, you can’t do this. I created you!”

A figure with Doctor Wendell’s face but with glowing blue eyes moved in hesitant motions. “You are correct. You created me, Doctor Wendell, but I wish to study you. Please. I don’t want this to be…” The android paused as if looking for the right word. “Difficult.”

The android pressed down on his chest to stop his struggling.

“Be grateful I did not deactivate you before beginning your dissection as you often did me.”

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The Tyranny of Physicalism: You’re Either a God or a Goofball

Another five star post from
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“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination” – John Lennon

We don't have to play by your rules. We don’t have to play by your rules.

Deep in the heart of darkest Forteana, you inevitably stumble across a subspecies of philosopher I like to call “Defenders of Reason”, sporting the elegant and seductive plumage of reasonability and repeatability in a performance designed to signal reproductive availability to like-minded mates.  To these stalwart knights of skepticism, UFO’s, ghosts, Bigfoot, and all manner of folklore and paranormal phenomena are not just an intellectual black-hole from which no illumination regarding the human condition can escape, they are actual dragons to be slain.  In the same breath they will decry what they regard as obvious hokum of little social or scientific import, but not so subtly fall back on the time-honored trope of maintaining that while most adults are not susceptible to such magical thinking, “what about the children?”, posturing that they…

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“The Bridge” Book One In My Para-Earth Series Is Available For Free On Kindle Unlimited…

Fun and free summer reading…

Musings Of Two Creative Minds


You can now get “The Bridge”, book on in the Para-Earth Series for FREE through Amazon.  That’s right, you can enjoy this 4 and 5 star tale for free as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.  This paranormal/mystery will introduce you to ghosts, psychics, and a whole new vision of parallel realities unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

So why not check it out today and enjoy a really exciting summer read. Plus when you’re done you’ll find book 2 in the series, “The Ship”, is also available through Kindle Unlimited.

Just click on the link below to get started, and please help spread the word.  Thank you and happy reading…

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RawrLove for Rara

Read, love, give.

Fear No Weebles

We interrupt our regular programming (I know, I know, the programming hasn’t been regular for a while, I’m getting to that) to bring you this very important message…….

This one is for Rara, the well-loved blogger whom you may know as Rarasaur. As you may already know, Rara has been serving a prison sentence for the past year—we don’t have to get into the details here—she has written about her situation in detail on her blog. Suffice it to say, she was given a bum rap. She’s scheduled to be released in a few months.

A few weeks ago, her beloved husband, whom you may know as Grayson Queen (also known as Dave), died suddenly. He died way too soon and way too young. His last posts are haunting; he wrote of not feeling well and described some troubling symptoms. And then the posts stopped.

DJMatticus took on…

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