With and Without The Pearl Earring

Vampire Maman

The Girl With The Pearl Earring and My Cat Oscar Without The Pearl Earring.

Who does it better? They’re both amazing.

No disrespect to Mr. Johannes Vermeer. I have had the honor to see your painting in real life and it is spectacular. I do believe you’d love my cat.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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In the Folds of the Earth


~ Previously published in Creepies 2: Things That go Bump in the Closet by WPaD ~
and DysFictional 3: Down the Psycho Path by Mandy White ~

The rusty Ford pickup sputtered and then died. Dalton didn’t bother trying to start it because he already knew he was out of gas. He had been driving on fumes for the last ten miles or so, and was surprised he had made it that far. He seemed to have lost the cops when he turned onto the dirt road, but he knew it wouldn’t be long before reinforcements arrived. The sound of a distant helicopter confirmed that he was running out of time, and places to run.

To say that Dalton Jeffries was a wanted man was putting it mildly. The object of a nationwide manhunt, his flight had led him from one coast to the other, to his present location, deep…

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Who is WPaD?


Ten or so years ago, a bunch of like-minded writers got together and decided to collaborate on some short story collections. We chose a different genre for each, wrote some stories and published anthologies under the nameWriters, Poets and Deviants (aka WPaD).We donate profits to the MS Society.
2021 saw the publication of our thirteenth book, titledDeviant Shadows: Tales of the ParAbnormal,which features a fantastic selection of stories and poetry by our founders and some new members as well. We are also proud to present yet another phenomenal piece of cover art by our talented group member,Jason Kemp of Tenkara Studios, Toronto, Ontario.

Available worldwide in ebook and paperback:

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What we are talking about today: A Hateful Pope, Animals, Children, Love.

Vampire Maman

What I’m talking about with my kids today. My kids are grown. We all have pets. My children don’t have children of their own. If they have children or not is their choice, not mine, not anybody’s choice except theirs.

Pope Francis said that people who choose to have pets rather than children are selfish and a detriment to humanity and civilization.

Dear Frank,

That is the most dick move I’ve ever heard about. People who have pets rather than children are not selfish and not a detriment to humanity and civilization.

Overpopulation is a detriment to humanity and civilization. Poverty caused by people having too many children is a detriment to humanity and civilization. Grown adults (like priests who have no children) abusing children is a detriment to humanity and civilization.

Dogs and cats are so pure that I call them angels on Earth. I have seen dogs and…

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