A Treat for Fans of Horror and Suspense!

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely yes. Hell yes.


This is typically a short story blog, but occasionally I’ll deviate from that format to share something fantastic. Like this book, for example.

In the Palace of Ordeal and Death is a brand new release by a Canadian author, set in my native British Columbia.

Description from Amazon:

“Terror and ruin await those who trespass upon the palatial repository of Alizarin Soranus, self-appointed Emperor of Ordeal and Death, and the Novelties of Sorrow. For two very different groups of explorers the verbosity will become horrifically succinct.
In the wake of Soranus’ mysterious disappearance, the estate sales team of Lander and Rhoe are retained to list his extravagant collection of macabre and historical artefacts. Consequently their research rouses a dormant malevolence, hidden in the depths of the eccentric structure, one hungry for fear and pain.
When a team of paranormal investigators arrives unexpectedly, the malignance intensifies and culminates in the murderous…

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