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Vampire Maman

A Guest Post From My Dearest Vampire Friend Amelia

It was a Friday night in the city that never sleeps. No, not New York. Las Vegas. Land of glitter and sleaze, neon and nightclubs; where we’d just as soon blow up our old buildings than redecorate. Viva Las Vegas! It was early June 2011 and my friend had come for a much needed visit. For me. Juliette is kind that way. I get sad, she comes and visits. I’m not nearly as good a friend. But then it’s me that gets tired of the grind of life. Or rather death. Maybe I should look into a different line of work. Life as a contract worker for several dystopian bureaucrats takes its toll, eventually. Believe me. Everything you’ve seen in the movies about being someone whose job it is to terminate others with extreme prejudice? Make it 1,000 times more boring…

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The Girl in the Woods: The Party (Serial Novel Part 8)

Vampire Maman

It is Friday which means another installment of Serial Novel The Girl in the Woods This is a regular feature for 2016, our until the story ends. If you’ve missed any of the installments please go to the Girl in the Woods page (check the sidebar or click HERE.)  I started writing this story years ago when I had babies, but haven’t looked at it for years, until now. We are rediscovering this story together. So enjoy. Happy  reading.

Girl in the Woods

Part 8
An Engagement Party

Alexander lived in an ancient stone house about a half mile behind the Royal residence. He had lovingly restored his home into a lavish, yet comfortable 20 room retreat. He wanted a place to entertain and to be alone when necessary. Lori helped him hand pick a staff.

He was in the kitchen picking out the wine. The best was from the “Two Brothers” vineyards…

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A Friendly Reminder

There is still time…

Evil Squirrel's Nest

kill buster

Have you entered the Third Annual Contest of Whatever yet?


You don’t want to win something fun and spiffy from my Cafepress store?

Well, that’s good news for Juliette and leaanne256.  They have the only two entries so far, and as things stand, they’re guaranteed to win one of the two prizes.

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing and breathe a little life into this contest by sucking the life out of Buster!  The contest ends next Sunday morning, February 28th!  Don’t be left out of the fun!  Don’t make me have the most anticlimactic decision in the history of blog contests!

Enter today!  You know you want to do it….

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Vampire Diary: The Twilight Zone of Love

Vampire Maman

Dear Diary,

Today I started to write my memoirs. I feel the weight of the damned upon my shoulders.

The cats are screaming. I must feed them. They refuse to catch their own food. I will start feeding them salad greens to inspire them to channel into their carnivore souls.

~ Vlad

I am her cat.

Dear Diary,

The cats are not happy with me.

~ Vlad


Dear Diary,

Three hundred years of sleep has put me at a disadvantage. I wake and the world is an alien planet. Yes, I, Vlad the Vampire King, know what Science Fiction is. I make a comparison, only the world in which I have awakened is not fiction.

I’ve read the stories of Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. Le Guin, and H. G. Wells. Their worlds are hardly less fantastic than what I see before me each and every single day. Yet, their writing is bold and…

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Ankara’s Pigeons

This is lovely. You made a common bird look quite uncommon. Thanks Uncle Spike!

Uncle Spike's Adventures

Thought I’d have a go at capturing on film (or whatever you call it these days) some rather cold pigeons in central Ankara recently. I had an hour or so to kill as part of my family taxi duties, but that means time to explore, or in this case, try something new 🙂










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Ask Juliette: Crappy Relationship Edition

Just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you’re with a jerk do yourself a favor and great up for a stress free February!

Vampire Maman

Ask Juliette (Ask A Vampire – Advice for Everyone) is a regular Thursday feature on Vampire Maman.

These are real questions from real readers. If you have a question about relationships, parenting, Vampires, paranormal stuff, fashion, Zombies, art, or ANYTHING just ask and I’ll try to answer. If might not be the answer you expect, but it will be an answer.

Email me at juliettevampiremom (at) gmail (dot com)


Dear Juliette,

My boyfriend told me that he thinks I’m fat. I don’t look like a super model but I think I look good. I’m in my right height and weight range. Other than that he is a great guy. How can I get him to understand that real women don’t look like underwear models?

~ Looking Good

Dear Looking Good,

You can’t make him understand. The guy is a pig. Dump him.

~ Juliette


Dear Juliette,

I thought I’d found the…

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A Culture Addicted to FREE—How FREE is Poisoning the Internet & Killing the Creatives

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image used with permission from the creator Ira Gelb. Image “Not for Sale” used with permission from the creator Ira Gelb who’s an activist in stopping Human Trafficking but authorized this image for use outside.

It’s funny, at various junctures I’ve felt propelled to tackle certain topics, even when that made me very unpopular. My biggest leviathan to date has been this notion of artists being expected to work for free, and I believe the reason that this topic is weighing so heavily on me is that, for the first time in years I’m no longer enthusiastic about our future.

In fact, I’m downright frightened, because of THIS.

I Feel Sick

Yesterday morning on my Facebook, a friend shared this open letter to Oprah Winfrey from a local performer in the Bay Area, Revolva, whose act caught the attention of mega-icon Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah was holding The Life You Want conference and the producers contacted Revolva to see if she…

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