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Marla Todd

Your design source for:

  • Catalog Design
  • Book Design (Covers and Inside Pages)
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Print Expertise
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design Consulting

Today’s Design Thought

A professional Graphic Designer has an obligation to provide clients with:

  • Good Design
  • Professional Conduct
  • Good Communication
  • Advice
  • Friendly Interactions
  • Creativity
  • Clean Files

Not only do we specialize in the best creative designs, but we also work WITH you. When you deal with us you don’t have to put up with Prima Donna attitudes. We work with our clients as a team.

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About Marla Todd Creative

  • Specializing in brochures, catalogs, large and small print projects, illustrations, unique, unusual and professional design.
  • With over 30 years of design experience both in scientific, artistic and fantasy design and project management.



Professional Experience

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Design Portfolio

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Writing and Publications


Your source…

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Vampire Diary: Modern Worlds

Vampire Maman

Dear Diary,

I wrap my arms in bandages cursing the day I ever met the demons that try to haunt me. If I am dead, they are truly the spawn of those who have never lived.

They are the ones who have no past and a future bathed in pain. They were spawned by hate and malice. They thrive on violence and spite. No, it wasn’t my ex-wife.

Poison surged through my veins like fire. Fear and anger filled me – emotions I do not allow had all come back.

Looking up I saw a figure. Gillian, my… I don’t know what to call her. She is just mine and I am hers. We are together but we are not.

She took my arm and held it. “I will do what I can. What the crap happened?”

I could feel the heat and pain turning to cold. The fear and anger…

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Slow Cooker Moroccan Eggplant

This is really lovely and also tonight’s dinner!

voracious veggie

voraciousvander -eggplant

Oh hey slow cooker, hey.

You’re looking really great over there on the counter, all warm and stuff.

But not too warm that you heat up the whole dang apartment like that gauche oven. No. You’re super classy and independent  You take your time, do your job well and I don’ t even have to supervise you.  You’re like the perfect job candidate.


I was just…ah, having a fake conversation with my slow cooker to provide a weird/funny introduction to a recipe that I cooked in my slow cooker. NBD, guys.

Slow cookers make me think of meaty stews and thick soups, so at first, they don’t really seem to fit in with summer cooking. But they’re actually pretty perfect for summer (and obviously winter, spring, and fall.) No oven, no stove. Just toss a bunch of things in there, leave it alone, and come back to find a whole meal…

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