Are We Scared Yet?

Love love love this post!


A Little Trick and a Little Treat- you decide which is which.


My favorite rendition of Poe’s ” The Raven “

However this is truly magnificent- Here is “The Raven”  read in all of it’s glory by James Earl Jones.

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Revelries of Night – Quiet Musings on Halloween and Vampires

Vampire Maman

Max was brooding. It is what my eldest brother does best.

I’d come home and found him sulking in my living room on the red couch brooding over a book on the symbolism of art.

“Why does everything have to be so complicated? Why can’t a dove just be a dove, or a sunset just a phenomenon based on the rotation of the earth?”

“You sound like Andy,” I told him. Andy is another brother of mine who likes to wax poetically 24/7 and imagines himself deep. Andy is deep and it works for him. It just sounds weird and uncomfortable when Max does it.

His two giant wolfhounds, along with my sled-dog-mongrel lay sprawled in carpet of dogs at Max’s feet.

I invited Max for Halloween. I thought a quiet night of little monsters and our usual gathering with friends and kids and non-Vampire folks would do him good. Or it…

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Open grave

Happy Halloween – Ohhhh this is good.


Leslie made her visit to the cemetery, just like she’s done every week since her husband’s untimely death. Two years ago Tom was on his way home from work looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend get away with Leslie when a semi blew through a red light hitting his car on the driver’s side. He died on impact.

Leslie always brought a white rose, and laid it against the marble head stone she had custom made. When Leslie arrived today she never expected to find her husband’s grave dug up with the words, he lives, spray painted on the head stone. She looked for a care-taker, but couldn’t locate one.

The mostly blue sky had turned overcast. A breezy mist was falling. Leslie jumped as lightning flashed. A tree branch cracked and fell into the open grave.

A shrilling scream came from the hole. She cautiously peeked over…

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Short Story Sunday: Mail Order House

In light of the news of Sears closing down I thought I’d share this tale of a “Mail Order House”

Vampire Maman

Spring semester was supposed to start January 18. Maybe he’d lodge his leg out of the hole in the attic before then. His first class had a wait list of twelve, but he was sure at least five wouldn’t show so at least five wait list students would get in. No show, no class.

Why the Hell was he thinking of that right now. There were Vampires, or at least dried up husks of old Vampires wrapped in blankets four feet from him. Damn, he’d hoped they were dead enough not to smell the blood coming out of the cut on his leg.

The first class was titled “Major Problems in US History.” Fuck, that was fitting and timely. Every morning he wished the news would just go away. He wished he could go should on the streets, on Fox News, NPR, CNN, Buzz Feed, The Washington Post, and every…

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Review: ‘A Star is Born’ (it takes a lot to try)

The weekend is here and time for movies. Nice to have some “real” reviews. And like the Reaper said “Bring your tissues.” Grim D. Reaper #grmdrpr

If you’re swayed by tear-jerkers, you’re going to need a whole box of tissues.

Ally (Lady Gaga) is an aspiring singer who can’t get a break… until folksy singer-songwriter Jack (Bradley Cooper) wanders into a bar on drag night and hears her perform. Both distracted and inspired by her potential, he invites her backstage to one of his concerts after a night of misadventure, coaxing her out for the world to experience. Older brother Bobby (Sam Elliot) watches out for Jack, specifically his bottled demons and lack of self-care, yet even he can see that Ally is good for him. As Jack’s star continues to fade, Ally’s is on the rise, pushing both toward making hard decisions about their careers, themselves, and one another… but Fate isn’t always kind.

Based on screenplays from 1954 and 1976 versions of this story while written, directed, and co-starring Bradley Cooper (doing an amazing…

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