Are We Scared Yet?

Love love love this post! MY ENDURING BONES A Little Trick and a Little Treat- you decide which is which. amm My favorite rendition of Poe’s ” The Raven “ However this is truly magnificent- Here is “The Raven”  read in all of it’s glory by James Earl Jones. View original post

Revelries of Night – Quiet Musings on Halloween and Vampires

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Max was brooding. It is what my eldest brother does best. I’d come home and found him sulking in my living room on the red couch brooding over a book on the symbolism of art. “Why does everything have to be so complicated? Why can’t a dove just be a…

Open grave

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Leslie made her visit to the cemetery, just like she’s done every week since her husband’s untimely death. Two years ago Tom was on his way home from work looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend get away with Leslie when a semi blew through a red light hitting his…