How many times a week do you shave? If you answer incorrectly, we may have to kill you.

Click here: How many times a week do you shave? If you answer incorrectly, we may have to kill you..

If you don’t think this is both brilliant and funny and if you don’t learn something by it…well then there is no hope for you. SO relax and read it and enjoy.


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Art, love and the romantic soul

The closest I get to a true religious experience is when I’m in the presence of art.Recently while at the De Young Museum in San Francisco for the Girl with the Pearl Earring Exhibit my daughter smiled and asked “are you going to have a religious experience today?”My answer was “yes I am.” And I did.

via Art, love and the romantic soul.


A need you dare not admit.

It is a dark stormy day…

Don’t worry this isn’t the start of a bad novel, and by the title of this post it isn’t a bad romance, bromance or tale of chocolate covered anything.

It is a link to poetry…STOP RIGHT THERE. Do not go away.

A lot of people claim they don’t like poetry. That is because it was force fed to them in Middle School and High School in the most boring way possible. And it was usually some horrible Victorian dribble about Grecian Urns or some long forgotten battle. Yuck, I mean, what 15 year old wouldn’t fall asleep (and if you were wide awake eating it up don’t worry. I liked the stuff too. But I was the exception.)

Anyway, thanks to the wonders of the Internet thousands, if not millions have discovered poetry. Words and feelings they never imagined. Words of beauty and discovery and hope and faith and longing. Words of horror and humor and fantasy.

And YOU too can write poetry. Just let the words flow.

In the meantime I highly recommend you take a look at the blog posting link I’ve posted below. You’ll be surprised at the variety of the poems featured. You’ll like it. Take my word on that.

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