Burning Question #17: What Would a Werewolf Do?

A poll worth answering! A little bit of humor to get you through the weekend.

Vampire Maman

american_werewolf_in_london_xl_01-film-a1 Looking cute now guys but wait until midnight!

It is time for Burning Question #17.

PLEASE if you land on this page answer the question. It is just a quick no or yes. Oh come on, it will be fun.

Each week we ask and answer one of life’s BURNING QUESTIONS. I know you all have been waiting for this one. 

I’ve written a lot about Werewolves. They’re out there, in our lives, running around under the full moon, keeping us up with their howling, and generally trying to stay out of trouble (believe it or not.)

But even Werewolves have a sense of humor. They can also be obnoxious.

Think about this: when they turn into wolves what happens to their clothing? And when they turn back, well, they’re not dressed.

Burning Question #17: Will a Werewolf moon you on a full moon night?

No wolf here Lon Chaney looking hot in…

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Frankenstein Stamps from Jersey Post

These are beautiful!

The Horror Hothouse


This year marks the bicentenary of the  publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, without doubt one of the most important books ever written in the history of horror and science fiction. To mark the occasion the Channel Island of Jersey commissioned my pals at Bristol’s So Design to create a set of eight stamps and a philatelic miniature sheet with a 3D lenticular effect, which were released on Monday 18 June. We think they look amazing.


frank mini.png Miniature sheet

Jersey Post’s Rachel MacKenzie, told us: ‘Frankenstein is such a hugely influential novel that to this day, it is still studied in schools and universities all over the world. Our aim was to stay as true to the book as possible, depicting the creature as Shelley describes him, as “eight foot tall with yellow eyes as well as yellow skin tightly covering his muscles and arteries and with lustrous, flowing black…

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Burning Question #15: Dinosaur Daze

Vampire Maman

Tiny tots of either sex
Adore Tyrannosaurus Rex
Indeed, all little ones adore
Any savage carnivore
Of which, O Rex, though rightly boastest
Thou art not only first, but mostest.

~ Ogden Nash


On Valentine’s Day 2001 I spent one the most romantic days of my entire life with my husband at a Russian Dinosaur Exhibition in Old Sacramento. The babies were in daycare so it was, just us, holding hands, and walking through avenues of the most amazing wondrous and strange collection of bones we’d ever seen. They were millions and millions of years old, from a time on Earth we can barely imagine. On a weekday afternoon not many others were there. It our own romantic get-a-way. Damn, it was seriously romantic. We might be Vampires but that doesn’t mean the only thing we do in our spare time is frighten the crap out of people, or drain…

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On this day I did not pay attention to the exact time when this experienced had occurred. I know it was after midnight and I had just got out of bed and took bottle of beer out the freezer and drank it; I was thirsty due to the room being so hot. My air conditioner was not working, thank heavens that beer don’t freeze lie water, otherwise I would have been miserable. The last person that I saw was M; he was out in the common kitchen area looking for some food to eat. He probably took food that belonged to somebody else.  I went back to my bed I had my fan on to move some of the saturated hot air around. As I was in a semi sleep, I saw that my locker door was open and I saw a bottle of water; perhaps my higher self was…

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The Sleep Killer

Love this. Oh my goodness.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

We were at a museum and we were taking a long leisure walk through the Chamber of Horrors.

Around one of the corners was an example of what it looked like when someone was walled up alive and died in there.

” If you are really careful you can probably get your phone and hand into that opening and get a picture” Luis said to me.

I looked into the hole in the wall.

” I think you’re right.” I agreed.

I kissed the wall  ( well, I got as close as I could- no lips were actually involved ) and dropped my arm down through the opening and with a few clicks I had my picture.

I checked the little screen and said, ” I can use that for my Halloween stories. ” I said happily.

There was a woman standing behind me. She looked over…

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Burning Question #14: The Pineapple Dilemma

Let us know what your opinion is. Take the poll. It is just for fun and silly. Do it. You’ll feel good.

Vampire Maman

1280It is time for #14 of 50 Burning Questions. Happy Saturday. Now get ready for an emotional roller coaster.

Today I submit one of the most divisive burning questions in the history of the universe.

Traditional Italian vs Hawaiian. No this has nothing to do with soccer or volcanos. It has everything to do with PIZZA. 


Burning Question #14: Should Pineapple Be Allowed On Pizza?


I hope I haven’t caused any riots. Please, listen to Israel sing. It will make you feel happy, even a world where a simple pizza topping can tear families and friendships apart.

In the meantime please feel free to leave comments. Let me know what your favorite pizza toppings are, where you favorite pizza joint is, or anything else you need to say.

I’ll see you next Saturday for Burning Question #15.

Oh, and by the way you can get your pineapple coconut and Thai…

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A story to follow!


“Push the damn boards,” shouted Andrew as all three men fought to secure the broken window. Jean Claude was in the center, Sean on the left and Andrew on the right. Erik stood behind them waiting to hammer the nails back into the store window.

The hands reached into the cracks and grasp at everything. Five meaty fingers grabbed Sean at the elbow and pulled.

“Help me!” He shouted. Erik stepped to Sean’s right and swung the hammer. The small circular hammer sank into the rotten hand severing tendons. The creature grabbed at Sean’s arm the best it could. Its strength sapped but its hunger overwhelming. The fingers of the creature flicked and curled. The first two fingertips poked at Sean’s hand but the last three held onto a meaty section of Sean’s arm. Erik struck the creature again. Thick blackish blood splattered and the hand withdrew. The hand was…

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