The Bachelor – Another Viewpoint with Options

Just in case you’re watching the Bachelorette tonight…

Vampire Maman

In the wee hours of this morning I was scanning my Twitter feed (no you haven’t landed on the White House Web Site) and kept seeing stuff about The Bachelor. You know, the TV show where about 25 women wear tight clothing and fight over the same man. I doubt if they have knock down drag out physical fights (but it would be fun if they did) but I’m sure they get plenty catty.

I’d usually ignore something like this because I don’t watch the show but I noticed something weird. All of the guys look the same. Seriously they look like a set of fraternal quads – kind of like armadillo pups.

In fact I saw #cookiecutterguys on one of the threads. These guys are so white-bread boring that it is a wonder any girl would want to take the time to dig and claw her way to…

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You Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape

Vampire Maman


It is almost 5:30 p.m. and 107 degrees Farenheight outside. I’m going to piss someone off with this post but maybe not. It is just too hot to care. Just like old people and tiny children who just say whatever they want.

This morning I took Eleora to the art museum. It was lovely. She made rude comments about the modern art. She made a racist remark about someone walking along outside of the museum. She is old. She forgets things. I said nothing this time. I just changed the subject. When one is with a 2000+ year old Vampire one learns to change the subject quite frequently.

Then we had lunch (a lovely cold type A blood soup with heirloom tomatoes) with my husband who was on a political roll. By then it was over a hundred degrees outside. I thought about our daughter who’d gone up north with…

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We Want The Punk

This is just too funny to keep to myself.

Evil Squirrel's Nest

Looks like the world fell into chaos without its weekly Retro Ad Tuesday.

In today’s digital world, you’re never more than a click, a tap, or an another obnoxious request to Alexa away from your favorite music.  It doesn’t matter whether you like 70’s classic rock, 90’s angsty chick alternative, or music that sounds like it would be playing in Liberace’s bathroom… you can find what you like and play it as often as you wish without having to worry about the vinyl scratching.  It’s just one of the many technological innovations of the 21st century that have already made our late 20th century way of living as obsolete as a rotary payphone…

What? You mean Ghostbusters has a Facebook page now?

Before there were Napster, iTunes and YouTube… if you wanted to listen to all of your favorite hits from a certain genre, you either had to hope you…

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