Motown Werewolves: Let’s Get it On with Detroit Lycanthropes

A must read for anyone interested in werewolves, history, the blues and anything interesting. Five out of five stars from West Coast Review!


“Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to” ― Alfred A. Montapert

werewolf_love Have you heard my latest single?

When it comes to werewolves, there’s usually a lot of rending and tearing.  Maybe a little shedding.  Sometimes fleas.  Befitting the capital of soul, Motown werewolves are historically all about the love, oft unrequited, but isn’t that what all the best R&B anthems are about?  From the founding of Detroit in 1701 by French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac to today, the werewolves of Detroit have explored the softer side of lycanthropy, which nonetheless involves a lot of biting and scratching.  They are wolves, after all.

Jacques Morand was a French Canadian woodsman, the founding member of the prolific Morand family (and a relation-by-marriage to Cadillac himself), born in the Batiscan region of…

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The beach house

Vampire Maman

My brother Val and I had gone to the beach house for Thanksgiving. This was 1944, before my marriage or children, when it seemed it was always just my brother and me, plus assorted friends and lovers.

Our brother Andy (Andrew) was somewhere in Europe in a USO show. Our eldest brother Max and my future husband Teddy were in London doing something secret for the American Government. Our parents were in Washington DC.

Nobody knew where our brother Aaron or his wife Verity were. They were the traditional ones who always stayed on the safe predictable road to anywhere – now we had no idea where they were. The last time anyone heard they were in France, but they could have been anywhere. They could have been dead or worse captured but we stopped guessing.

Valentine and I had our fill the night before in San Francisco. The clubs were…

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A Christmas Journey (with Vampires, a cat, a train ride and a fight)

Vampire Maman

Everyone loves Christmas stories, especially those of journeys and discovery and love. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my Christmas stories with you – that is Vampire Christmas stories. Some of you might have read this one before but go ahead and pour a glass of wine, or a goblet of blood or even hot chocolate and enjoy this one again. xoxoxo

A Christmas Journey

People don’t know who or what we are. We’ve kept it that way for centuries, as stories and myths over ride any sense of reality in the minds of men.

In December of 1875 tragedy came into our lives. My best friend Isabelle fell under the spell of rogue Vampires and almost killed my brother Max’s best friend, who was the son of my parent’s closest regular human friends. You see, for those of you who are new here, we’re Vampires. As part…

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Short Story Sunday: Conversion

A different kind of Christmas holiday story – #16 of the Austin and Elizabeth series.

Vampire Maman

“Durant, we found something.”

“What do you mean you found something?”

“Live dead bodies.”


“Yes, vampires. Happy fucking holidays.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Austin Durant had planned on spending the morning grading papers. When he wasn’t teaching history at the local state college he was a contractor specializing in restoring historic buildings. When he wasn’t doing that he was a vampire hunter. The vampire hunter part wasn’t planned. It just happened.

Now a call from his construction site foreman Matt changed his Sunday morning plans. Damn. He made a call and headed out.

His attorney and friend (the term friend was sometimes questionable) Aaron Todd stood on the front porch. How could anyone always look so elegant, even in jeans and a fleece jacket?

“Why don’t you people take care of your own?”

“You people? Really Austin. You sound almost racist.”

“You’re a vampire.”

“The ones in the walls…

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Free Fiction Friday: A Very Special Christmas Eve by A.D. Vick


Johnny and his little sister Stacy went to bed earlier than usual that night, but they didn’t mind. It was Christmas Eve after all, and what child isn’t willing to sacrifice a bit of play time when he or she knows that turning in early might just hasten the arrival of Saint Nick? The last thing they did before retiring to their rooms was to watch their mom place a cup of hot tea and a small plate of chocolate cookies on the counter for Santa. “The jolly old elf travels all over the world through the cold and snow every Christmas Eve to deliver toys to good little girls and boys,” she would often tell them. Both children took her at her word because…well, didn’t they receive the toys they asked for the last couple of years?

During the year Mom would often warn her children that Santa only…

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Baggage (and Ancient Vampires)

Vampire Maman

This morning I stopped by the orchard surrounded farm house by the river. It is the home of the ancient Vampires, Tellias and Eleora.

Sometimes they forget necessary things, like where their car is parked, or food. I’m usually the one who checks on them. I’m the one who visits for no reason. Despite the fact that they look like they’re maybe nineteen or twenty years old they are starting to act their age, which is ancient.

I parked next to my brother Val’s car.

Tellias met me at the door. He wore an old cardigan that looked like he’d dug it out of Mr. Roger’s grave. That was paired by a pair of black dress slacks and yellow flip flops. He kissed my cheek and taking my hand led me in. “We never see you anymore Juliette.”

“You saw me on Thanksgiving. That was less than a week ago.”


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