Dressing Dogs and Cats

I just discovered the most amusing and interesting blog. It is called Pretty Awful Things – strange and odd and pretty and awful things. Every single post is interesting and worth checking out. This includes the following wonderful photo post AND Zombie Haiku.

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You have got to check this out and if you aren’t following prettyawfulthings.com yet, you ought to be.


Writing Space

A wonderful post about my friend and REAL blogger Gina McKnight.


You’ll like her blog, her attitude towards everything, her sense of beauty and her horses and cats.

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My gentleman companion

Oscar - my gentleman companion
Oscar – my gentleman companion

A true gentleman living in a world full of wonder and delight. His conversations are loud but always entertaining – even when he visits the neighbors who always listen with great humor what he has to say. He is my cat and friend and my gentleman companion.

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The ASPCA Challenge: It’s All About Adoption

I adopted all three of my animals (a dog and two cats) at shelters, including “the county pound.” They are the most wonderful creatures  – all happy and healthy and well adjusted. And they are so funny and entertaining!

Summer is difficult for shelter animals because there are SO MANY animals who need homes. Plus the kids are out of school and will have more time to spend with a new pet! It is a win win situation for everyone!

Click here for more information: The ASPCA Challenge: It’s All About Adoption.



The link above is from Alcohol Cats – a blog you ought to be following. This post gets a 10 star review from West Coast Review!