An important post about suicide

I’m going to put a Trigger Warning for Suicide on this one kids.I’m going to talk some about suicide again and I don’t want to catch anyone off guard. Y’all know me by now – no gore or icky details, but I’d like to speak honestly. I’ve written about this before, and I’ll write about it again, and again, and again until no one ever feels compelled to take their own life.If you’re fortunate enough to have never felt like taking your life was the only way out, count your blessings. No really, we’ll wait.

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Click on the link above for the entire post from Mental in the Midwest.

This is an important subject that we can’t hide or pretend isn’t happening. If you’ve ever loved anyone read this. If you feel helpless read this. If you are just curious read this. 

This post also has phone numbers and links to resources.