Short Story Sunday: Chloe’s Face

Vampire Maman

A new story to maybe give you the creepies, or make you feel all warm and fuzzy in a twisted romantic kind of way.

Tangled Tales

Chloe’s Face

“I wasn’t alone. It was at a party for God’s sake. You saw how many people were here.”

“You said you went to the beach before the tide came in.”

“It was coming in. I told the police officer, the first one to arrive there.”

“You don’t seem frightened or upset. Most women would be crying at the sight of all of those body parts.”

I looked him straight in the eye, “Detective, I don’t appreciate your condescending attitude. I’ve been spending the past hour comforting my friends over this. If you continue your misogynistic tone I will report you to your supervisors, and I’ll put it in my blog.”

“I didn’t intend it that way. Your eyes look yellow. Are you alright?”


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A Tribute To A Wonderful Cat

Cats are special souls

Writer's Treasure Chest

On paws as soft as velvet
I was approaching you
I needed food, I needed a game
So, I told you what to do.
When I entered your home six years ago
You already had two cats
Beautiful, big, calm and sweet
Huge paws, green eyes and ears like bats.
No matter how cool they both were
With me they were a little cross.
It only needed one rage outburst
And I became their boss.
You told me you loved my kitty voice
So, I talked a lot with you
We cuddled and played many times
And the connection between us grew.
Then I got sick, I was in pain,
I felt your horrible inner strife,
While you tried to hide your grief from me
I watched you fighting for my life.
For eight months we both have worked
With my vet, no matter how…

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Letters to Euturpe – The Doll-Faced Man

A must read


The doll-faced man followed the woman in the billowy red dress into the desert.

He followed her unwillingly. For she held a strange magic over him that compelled him to go anywhere and everywhere with her.

She knew this.

Yet, he was not allowed to get too close. He was not allowed to touch. For one touch would be enough to break her bond on him. And he would be free.

She knew this as well.

He yearned to beg for his freedom, but his lips were forevermore sealed.

She looked at him with a cruel smile on her face. “Tonight.” Her voice was as warm and as unsatisfying as honey. “Tonight you will dance for me. But remember this: You cannot touch me. You can dance circles around me and I will be amused. If you touch me, I will be deeply disappointed and displeased.”

She flung a black…

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Tales from a Modern Dinosaur. Characters from my Past. – Guest Post Written By Merlin Fraser

Writer's Treasure Chest

Last year, sometime in October, I published a hilarious story, written by Merlin Fraser. I named it “On a different note” and the ones who read it had a good laugh with Merlin’s humor.

With this guest post, Merlin shows us that he’s not ‘only’ a great writer, and has his well known, a bit rough humor; but he is also a talented author of great sensitivity and treasures his memories with a warm heart and a trace of sadness many of us would not have expected.

I wanted to share this side of Merlin with you and I’m sure you will read his guest post and find it as valuable and admirable as I do.

“And now for something completely different,” to coin a phrase, I pinched it from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, in case you were wondering where you heard the expression before.

I’m sure you tire of…

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Pi 8675309

Vampire Maman

Happy Pie Pi Day.

The number Pi is: 3.14159265359

Of course the idea of numbers gave me an unrelated ear worm because they are numbers and that is how my brain works, when my brain works.

Sing it Tommy!

As a rule Vampires don’t eat a lot of pie or do a lot of math. OK some do a lot of math, I guess, you know some might. Anyway, I’m sharing a wonderful Lemon Pie recipe from the 1930’s that has been in my recipe box for about that long. I’d like to eat more pie but alas I am a Vampire. So you eat the pie. Please. It will make you happy. I promise.


I need to get back to sleep. Or have coffee. Coffee and pie. Do the math.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

20121020-185748.jpg Mattie’s Lemon Pie. Yes, this is the actual pie. I made it all by…

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Guest Blog: Irish Vampires by Brian McKinley

Irish Vampires by Brian McKinley

Ireland is not particularly known for its vampire legends. Strange, in a way, because the Emerald Isle gave birth to two of the best-known and most influential vampire authors in history: Bram Stoker and Sheridan LeFanu. The authors of both Dracula and Carmilla, respectively, were both born and raised in Ireland and likely owe some of their literary creations’ characteristics to stories they heard growing up.

The most famous of Ireland’s vampires is a specific woman known as the Dearg Due (dar-ag dua) or “red blood sucker” said to be buried in Waterford, Ireland. The story is told of a beautiful young woman who, forced to marry a cruel and abusive clan chieftain, committed suicide. At the anniversary of her death, she rose from the grave with a blood lust. She began with her father and former husband, but her rage and thirst could…

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She was more than bad company, she was toxic. Even her name had a hint of evil in it: Elvira. Sam was sorry he tried talking to her.

Sam was always taken in by a pretty face, and Elvira wasn’t shy on looks. Her curly black hair stretched down to the small of her back. Her bright green eyes were hypnotizing. Sam had never seen such beauty.

When Elvira spoke, it sounded, to Sam, like fingernails running down a chalk board. He was polite, and continued to take to her even though her voice annoyed the hell out of him.

She offered Sam a cookie, and he graciously accepted it. He bit into it, it tasted funny so he spit it out. Elvira’s eyes turned to a demonizing red. She wrapped her hands around his throat, squeezing slowly. Her fingernails piercing the back of his neck.

Sam slapped her on…

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Jo’Am And The Eclipse

Loving this.


Author’s Note: Diana over at Mythos of the Mirror has put up a new photo prompt for this month. And let me tell you what: It’s a good one. 😉  Here is my take on it…

Jo’am had known all along that his time was limited.

His master had crafted him out of an eclipse’s darkening shadows. He was created to be something more than a silhouette, but something a lot less than a human. He had no face, no voice. His feet left no imprint in the city’s sand-stormed streets.

His time was limited. For the magic binding him together would be undone by the next eclipse. His master searched for ways to strengthen his bonds. He read through manuscripts and dust-old tomes and delicate sheets of vellum and stone tablets. He spoke to every wizard he knew – both dead and alive.

But there was no solution.


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the secret keeper

Friends of the Secret Keeper, I am writing this for Marge – or, as many of you know her, Jennifer/jennifer kiley/jk – because she cannot.

Marge’s stay in hospital and then short-term care has turned into hospice care. I am hoping to bring her home when she is able – and when I can be sure home is the safest, most comfortable place for her to be.

Until then, we take it one day at a time, treasuring every moment we have together.

The posts she had scheduled will continue to be published….

Good energy, thoughts, and, if you are so inclined, prayers are welcome.

Thank you.

Shawn MacKenzie

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