Vampire Maman’s Recommendations for Parenting Books

The ultimate list of parenting books  – click here for: Vampire Maman’s Recommendations for Parenting Books.

My recommendation about parenting is to DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR KIDS. Period. End of discussion. But read the article anyways because it will make you laugh.


California Afternoon, Vampire Guys (again), Parenting and Modern Life

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An email from a proud deadbeat dad

This is one of the most powerful blog posts I’ve ever read.

Click here for: An email from a proud deadbeat dad.

For everyone who is a real dad, a dad who is there for his kids (that includes step dads, uncles or anyone who is there for a kid) I stand up and cheer for you. Every child needs a father in their life – a father who is there with unconditional love. A father who has the balls to take responsibility for the child he has created. Real men take care of their kids.

Thank you Matt Walsh for writing the words that hit home and will continue to hit home for so many.

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Night of the Living Dead – Ex-boyfriend Version

Just a little bit of Relationship fun. Click here for: Night of the Living Dead – Ex-boyfriend Version.


Even Vampires have “those days”

An essay on life, the busy mom, vampires, teens, every day life and stuff we all go through (and a little music and the unexpected – but then everything is unexpected.)

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A year ago I started Vampire Maman…

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It’s “I’ll Answer Your Questions” Monday: How many cats can you own before people think you’re crazy?

Click here for a purrrrrfect post: It’s “I’ll Answer Your Questions” Monday: How many cats can you own before people think you’re crazy?.

This is one of the best blog posts I’ve seen all week. A full 5 stars from West Coast Review. THIS is how to write a blog post!

Ultimate Parenting Musings

When you bring a baby or child home, whether you give birth to it or adopt it or foster or live with any child, you bring home the entire universe in a kid sized package. And something you’re never told…You NEVER know who you’re bringing home with you.Your child is not your clone. Your child is someone with their own will and their own view – right from the start.Throw out the baby and child care books because this little person is going to prove they’re ALL WRONG. And you’ll have more fun than you EVER imagined.So what does a woman who muses on mom stuff teach the children in her life?

via Juliette’s Ultimate Parenting Musing (for both Vampires and Other Parents).