Ideas with old Vampires, scraps of paper and strange young men.

Click here for: Ideas with old Vampires, scraps of paper and strange young men..


Just a bit of silly Friday fun…


Everything will be alright.

A story about new beginnings and self doubt. You’re never as alone or lost as you think you are. Click here for: Everything will be alright..

Unexptectd shorts

Click on the link here for unexpected short stories, usually with a twist or turn. Gothic romance, modern tales, paranormal, ghosts, gods, more romance, and a lot of humor: Short Stories (Stand Alone).


Short Story: The Time Travelers

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A little bit of less than romantic fiction and a new twist on time travelers…

Plus links to more interesting and amusing short stories.

If you need something done ask a busy person.

Three vampires and a ghost go for a drive… Click here for a little Friday fun: If you need something done ask a busy person.


Gasoline and Tiger Maple (don’t mix)

What would you do if you came home to fine someone in your home? Click here for: Gasoline and Tiger Maple (don’t mix).


I’ll remember you…even if you change

This morning KXJZ the Public Radio Station in Sacramento, CA is replaying this wonderful story featuring Sean Bianco. I never thought much about Slim Witman but he always seemed to be there (more in jokes) in popular culture.

That story inspired the blog post “I’ll remember you … even if you change.” Click on the link below. Thank you Sean and Beth and Slim for the inspiration. And Sean Bianco if you ever find this link – Opera Rocks and so do you. Thank you for all the great music and for teaching us about the music you love.

Click on the link for: Sound Advice: Slim Whitman At the Opera host Sean Bianco grew up with the music of Slim Whitman. When the legendary singer recently passed away, Bianco decided to bring his collection of Slim Whitman records to Capital Public Radio for a special Sound Advice remembrance. We’ll hear some of Whitman’s best-known tunes including, “Indian Love Call,” “Rose Marie” and “I Remember You.”

Click here for the full story: I’ll remember you…even if you change.