What are you reading this summer? I recommend these entertaining short story anthologies. WPaD Anthologies are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine online books sellers. Proceeds go to MS research.

My full report

Click here: My full report. Warning: Be prepared before reading this blog post. It is pee your pants, spit milk out your nose funny. And if you aren’t following Ross Murray at Drinking Tips for Teens… do yourself a favor and follow.

Unexptectd shorts

Click on the link here for unexpected short stories, usually with a twist or turn. Gothic romance, modern tales, paranormal, ghosts, gods, more romance, and a lot of humor: Short Stories (Stand Alone).  

Vampire Maman’s Recommendations for Parenting Books

The ultimate list of parenting books  – click here for: Vampire Maman’s Recommendations for Parenting Books. My recommendation about parenting is to DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR KIDS. Period. End of discussion. But read the article anyways because it will make you laugh.  

Here Comes The Sun

  Analemma anyone? This is a really interesting article from The Evil Squirrel’s Nest, complete with scientific facts, geography, cute drawings, humor and a few of those “wow I had no idea” moments. Click here for: Here Comes The Sun.   And if you aren’t following Evil Squirrel’s Nest you should be.