Life Beyond Raising Children

Great article, for parents of kids of all ages.

Sacramento Mortgage Lender

As a mortgage lender and mother of two wonderful boys, Bryan (18) and Josh (14), life can become both hectic and routine, depending on the day. I enjoy working with my clients and seeing their home ownership goals become a reality just as much as I love watching our boys grow and reach new milestones. It has been fun over the years learning to balance work and my home life and I know that my family has benefitted from my commitment to both. As our boys are growing up, I have seen a shift in my time management as they need me less each year.

It is important for parents to rebalance as their children grow and find ways to take the time to nurture our own lives. Often as parents our children are the priority which is a beautiful blessing. But there comes a time when we need to…

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Vampire Diary: Music to My Ears

Vampire Maman

Dear Diary,

When one is imprisoned in a crypt for three hundred years one misses out on a lot of things. The past three hundred years went fast and were full of wonders which I missed being hellishly locked in a dark damp coffin inside of an ivy covered crypt. I hate ivy.

There is so much that used to be that I have not seen. Entire centuries and now dead technologies, fashions, and ways of life have vanished before I could know what they were but everyone aside from me knows what these things are, even if they were not born before these things happened.

Two days ago someone said he sounds like a broken record.

What did he mean. Did his numbers not match up? I asked.

I was told that he repeated himself.

“What is this record of,” I asked.

“It could be anything, I don’t know,”…

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You are the love of my life



You are my love of my life.

My cherished love, I need to  kiss your lips hello, again  and again.

You are my September sweet German red wine and my endearing reasons to be alive.

I gave my love to you and you made my hope and dreams spin, around and around to perfect place in your embrace.

You made the river of love expand to the great valley of satin sheets, long nights and holding you close. Sharing lover’s secret words and caress.

I fell into your bosom and you sang to me.

“Love, sweet love.

Please dance, wild and free.

I love you more than the long Summer days and

I need your love upon my lips,

I want your  skin upon my skin and your sweet whispered deeply engraved into my heart.

You are love to me and I want to be love to you.”

Two lovers…

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Black Cats Matter

Black cats! You gotta love em.

Evil Squirrel's Nest

Have you pet a black cat today?

Friday’s here again, and much to the dismay (or perhaps delight) of my shelf critters, they will once again have to take a back seat to another piece of inspired inspiration that was sent to me for Season Three of Prompt the Squirrel!  The response so far has been…… well, underwhelming to say the least.  Only enough prompts to make it through May 19th!?!?  That won’t do.  Please, please, PLEASE… if you aren’t on this list of those who have done their part in making The Nest a happier place, then you need to go here right now and just type in the first thing to come to your mind in the contact form!  Everyone gets a chance to play, and your prompt doesn’t need to be anything fancy or earth shattering.  It’s that easy!  The only one who should have to strain…

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Braised Beef Shanks with Tomatoes

This is beautiful. This is what is for dinner this weekend. Wow.


Braised Beef Shanks with Tomatoes Braised Beef Shanks with Tomatoes

I know this beef man from Ireland, and Conor Bofin is his name. He’s the closest I know to a connoisseur of any part of the damned cow that I know, even the unusual and sketchy bits. But he can cook the most amazing meals with that lowly bovine, so I jumped on the chance to sort-of copy-cat this wonderful braise of beef shanks with some nice meaty ones from our quarter cow.

While my photos won’t do it justice — and I wasn’t about to try and plate it for a shot — I think anyone who makes this will be satisfied with the most delicious gravy and tender beef. I served mine with some Parmesan risotto, but pasta or potatoes would work fantastic too. One of my deviations from the original recipe was to reduce the mushrooms (not enough on hand) and add a couple of…

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