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Welcome to LuvPets Transcription!

From Vanessa Valentine:

Welcome to LuvPets Transcription!
Hi there! I am a professional transcriptionist with 15+ years experience and I type over 100 words per minute. I have spent most of those years doing medical transcription, but I’ve also transcribed for veterinarians, physical therapists, and writers.

But I am not just limited to transcription! I will type up and/or organize anything you need. Are you a student that attended a lecture and would like to see the chicken scratches turned into something coherent? Are you a senior who would like to verbally record your story and have those memories transcribed for your loved ones? Or are you a busy person who has a big stack of papers you’ve been meaning to “get to” that need organization, perhaps even entered into a spreadsheet that you can easily search (or give your accountant)?

I have also worked as an editor and in online customer service/fulfillment, as well.

I just dearly love creating order out of chaos!

I work from home in beautiful Bellingham, Washington (very close to the Canadian border). I am quite well set up to receive/deliver HIPAA safe transfer of medical dictations (or any other sensitive material) utilizing cloud-based technology or directly through your EMR, and I use NordVPN to guarantee all my data is unable to be breached. For audio transcription, I charge 14 cents per 65-character line.

For all other services (word processing/organization, etc.), I charge $14/hr.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at or by phone at 360-510-3622 and leave a message. Thank you so much for your interest!

On Gothic Imagery

Dawn of Eternity

Quite readily I would say I am a visual person; if something captures my attention I will probably want to look at it in depth. The same is certainly true for things which fall into the Gothic category, and old or new, so long as the style is true, I will enjoy it.

This isn’t going to be an analysis of Gothic imagery, simply because I have other books I want to right first! Instead, I will simply discuss what I like and why.

Fair warning, this may be a long post…

Without death, there is no life

Gothic fiction is something we can trace back to the Victorian era of England, a point in time where people we relatively interested with death and the like – though Gothic as a term was around long before this.

I think, however, what is key to remember here is that this isn’t…

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Don’t bring me your dog… and other parenting stories.

Talk to your kids about pets… it is important.

Vampire Maman


I grew up in a household with a lot of pets. I remember one summer when we had two wolfhounds, a medium sized black dog of questionable lineage, three cats, an eighty year old parrot, and a cage full of mice. Outside of the house were three horses. There were also five children. Four boys. One girl.

It was 1867. My brother Aaron, the middle child was the most responsible and serious of the lot. He was eleven at the time, and feeling as if he was living in the shadows of his eldest brothers. He was also tired of feeling responsible for his younger two siblings. The wolfhounds belonged (if they could belong to anyone) to our eldest brother Max. The black dog was the family dog. The three cats belonged to themselves, but spent most of their time with me. The parrot was named Louis and was just…

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