The Palms

I know how Jan feels. I’d feel the same if I moved. Wonderful story.


The palm trees had taken over Jan Hill’s world.

She had moved from Florida to Nebraska for a job opportunity. It was a great job — one that fulfilled her emotional and professional needs. Pay was much better than average, with the promise of yearly raises. Great benefit package.

And it was located next to a combined Mrs. Fields/Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins megashop. That megashop was a lifesaver on stress filled days.

But Jan missed the palm trees. She tried to see the joy and love in deciduous trees and pine trees and scrub bushes. But they failed to compare to the glory of a mature palm tree.

Palm trees were her universal symbol for home and peace and everything good in life that one couldn’t buy at a Mrs. Dunkin Robins megashop. But Nebraska was not Florida. Palm trees were not meant to live in Nebraska. The weather there was…

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Sam and Roscoe Need Your Help


I have found myself in a difficult position. My rental home has sold and I need to move on short notice. Due to the housing crisis, the biggest hurdle is finding a place to live that will accept my dogs. I have succeeded in finding an ideal home, but it means a long distance move and leaving my current job to start another. The transition is going to be rough financially, with the cost of the move and the gap in paydays while I am between jobs.

Roscoe, still spry at 14

I’m not one of those assholes who would get rid of a pet just to get a rental. My dogs mean everything to me, and I will make this move to ensure I can continue to provide them with a loving forever home.

Sam, my water-loving gentle giant

I’m running a fundraiser between now and the time…

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Hoping For A Miracle


Jim and Dana were no longer newlyweds. They’d been married for a full year, hoping for a miracle. Hoping for a missed period. Hoping for all of those wonderful symptoms that most freshly married people hope for.

It took them another full year for that miracle to come true.


Betty and Albert had been married for many years. They had no children. She was getting up in age. She believed that menopause would happen.  She didn’t hope for a miracle. Neither did he.

But they welcomed it when it came.


Pete sat alone with his newborn baby in his arms. She was so small. So small. So frightfully small wrapped up in so many blankets. Her life was fragile, like a spiderweb line waiting to be snapped. Maybe even more frail than that.

Yet, she was still alive. Her heart was beating. She was still breathing.

She wasn’t…

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