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Looking for better Internet Service and VENTING a little…

Technical difficulties make me mad.

I’m having problems with my Internet connection at home. I hate ATT.

If you know of anyone better let me know.

My service wasn’t great but it was ok until ATT forced me to upgrade to something called UVERS claiming it would make my connection faster and better. NO IT DID NOT MAKE ANYTHING BETTER – it made it all worse.

Now I can’t access WordPress half of the time (but I have a blog). I can no longer use Chrome or Firefox. It is slow. It cuts off my connection.

The worst thing is that I can no longer follow most of the blogs that I enjoy reading. So I’m not ignoring anyone – I just can’t see your blogs. I get error messages saying I can’t access your blogs.

Did I mention that I can’t even get Google half the time?

I can get all sorts of pronography images I don’t want from Bing. That isn’t exactly what I signed up for.

My Internet stops with messages saying “Your dial-up service is not working.” Excuse me I haven’t used dial-up service for 20 years. I get more messages about broadband service. It says the wireless service is working – which is what I have – but it isn’t working because ATT is looking for my old phone or maybe Bigfoot or a space alien or hoping I’ll call them and wait for 45 minutes on the phone so they can talk me into yet another confusing plan that doesn’t work.

ATT has horrible customer service so I think I’ll try to go down to one of their stores so I can talk to a real person.

In the meantime I can get better connections at Starbucks on my Nook or iPhone.

But when my husband and I are trying to business or someone is trying to do homework (much of which is online these days) it is horrible to be paying for bad service.

I’m currently investigation better service but it is difficult to get it without changing cable and everything else. I no longer have a home phone, something else I think ATT is trying to punish me for (try calling customer service from a non-ATT cell phone).

If you know of a better service around Sacramento, CA let me know. I’d love to hear that somebody is having a good Internet experience.

Thanks for letting me vent. Have to go now before my connection goes away for the night.

New Facebook Group for those who love to read and write blogs.

A group to discover creative and interesting blogs about poetry, fiction, issues, news, musings, parenting, business, family, fantasy, art, reviews, life and just about everything else.


Bloggers and readers feel free to share your posts and your favorite blogs.

As always…this is just for fun and friendly sharing.

Also, feel free to bring up tips, hints, questions etc etc etc for your fellow bloggers to discuss.


We're already fans and we don't even have a blog!!!!!
We’re already fans and we don’t even have a blog!!!!!