Were you molested by Dr. Atkinson?

I’m sharing my friend’s story about an orthodontist who would grope and otherwise molest his patients. I will call my friend Matilda.

In the late 1970’s when she was a teenager she went to an orthodontist in Carmichael, CA named Dr. Atkinson. He had a busy practice on Fair Oaks Blvd., near Marshall.

Matilda remembered that he was a nice looking man who liked to talk a lot. His receptionists and assistants were friendly, except for one young woman. The unfriendly one wore heavy eye make-up, and had nasty looking long finger nails (assumed fake.) The waits in the waiting room were long – often over an hour.

Dr. Atkinson liked to talk about his airplane, and other expensive things he had. He also had five or six children, and a wife.

He also would molest and grope his female patients while he cheerfully talked.

Matilda said when she grew up, as a teen in the 1970’s that nobody would have believed her. Her parents were from a generation where a respected doctor would NEVER do anything like that. The words of teenage girls were not valued.

Parents were too busy worrying about teenage boys. It wasn’t the boys they needed to worry about. They should have worried about predatory adult MEN who preyed on children, teens, and young adults.

At the high school there were rumors about a couple of male teachers who took nude photos of female teachers. There were also rumors of at least one of the teachers having sex with star struck young female students. Nobody reported these men. Nobody would have listened to students.

But back to Dr. Atkinson….

Matilda compared notes with other girls at her high school who went to him. They all experienced the same thing.

This man would feel up, grope, and molest girls while they sat to have their braces tightened. He took advantage of them. He knew they wouldn’t talk. Their experiences would forever be unseen.

He took something from these girls. He took away their self-worth. He took away their sense of safety. He took away any sense of trust they might have had with adult men. He made them feel like they didn’t matter.

After forty years it still makes Matilda angry and uncomfortable.

If YOU were molested by Dr. Atkinson please share your story. I want this guy to be called out publicly for what he did. He is a pervert and what he did was WRONG. 

He would be in his 80’s now (or late 70’s.) He might still be alive.

A dentist who had an office a few doors down said Atkinson had vanished without a trace. Nobody knew where he went.

I don’t care if he wife or kids read this. I want them to know that he was a bad man. I don’t care if he was a good father – he was a horrible person who took advantage of young girls who were afraid to speak up. These were young girls who did not know they could speak up. They had no voice. 

For anyone else out there who is reading this: Tell your children, teens, and young adults in your life that NOBODY can grope, molest, touch, grab, poke, kiss, or do ANYTHING to your body without your consent. Tell the young people in your life to immediately REPORT anyone who does this to them. Let them know that YOU will believe them.

Matilda kept silent because she didn’t think anyone would listen. When she told the story to her family years later they acted as if she had said nothing. It was uncomfortable. Don’t be uncomfortable – be brave and take the side of your child, your young friend, your niece or nephew, your brother or sister. Take the side of the young person who has been hurt.

Don’t be silent. Come out of your comfort zone. Be there for young people who are prey to these monsters like the orthodontist Dr. Atkinson.





Shut your nasty disgusting dirty little mouth

Shut your nasty disgusting dirty little mouth

My daughter wants me to write the vice principal of her high school about sexual harassment at school. It seems as if it is part of the school culture.To me it seems off that in this day and age, in the United States, in California, that we’d have to deal with this problem.

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Graduation Commencement Speech #2 – Think Like Your Mom

Graduation Commencement Speech #2 – Think Like Your Mom

You’ll be leaving home soon to make your way in the big wide world. One thing to remember is your mom. Never forget your mom. All of my advice to you comes from mom. So here we go…

Think like a mom. It could be your mom, or the mom you wished you had. Moms know everything, or at least the good ones do.

Love like a mom, because nobody can love like that.

Trouble shoot like a mom. With a butter knife and a roll of duct tape the average mom can fix anything. With a kiss she can fix everything.

Multitask like a mom. Your mom is the ultimate in management. Think about it – she has 1 or more children, a husband and maybe other relatives to deal with. Mix in work, feeding everyone, managing the house, pets (they take up a lot of time), volunteer work, driving everyone to hell and back… and add about 34,000 other things to this list. If you can multitask like your mom you can do anything.

Laugh like a mom. I laugh so hard I cry and my sides hurt. That is what moms do.

Find joy in small things like a mom. Every wonder why your mom takes time to point out bats in the night sky or worms in the ground? And you thought it was for you…

Fight like a mom. No Army General can defend his fort like a mom will defend her children.

Your mom always tells you “Don’t give up.” Well she was right. She will always be right. Never give up. Don’t give up hope or trust or peace of mind. Don’t give up your will to survive. Don’t give up your desires or your dreams. Don’t give up when doors slam in your face. Don’t give up when everything around you caves in, because it will and you’ll have to deal with it. And you can deal with it. Your mom gave you the tools you need to survive and thrive.

So don’t forget mom. One day your own kids will thank you for it.

Secret lives and private stories

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Thank you for pissing off my teenage daughter…

Dear Ms K,Thank you for pissing off my child enough so that she tells me about it. If only one person reads this blog today I hope it is you.Parents are invisible except in what you see in our children. With any luck the best of us reflects in our teens. But they are their own people by this time. They aren’t just influenced by us, but by the kids around them and by the teachers and by what they read.This is about what they read.And this is specifically for you, my daughter’s Freshman English teacher.

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The Best Laid Plans: Of Mice and Men

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Good post about one of the most often banned books. I still can’t believe, as I key in the words “banned books” that such a thing can happen. It is just plain stupid that one or two parents at a school can complain at a school and a book is banned. What a bunch of weak kneed saps they are to listen to such idiots. So celebrate and read a banned book today…and click on the link above to read the article (which is better than anything I could have written on the subject).