This is a good one, and so unexpected.


Lola almost turned back when she saw the darkened street filled with abandoned buildings. Love for her sister and a desire for a better life for both of them spurred her toward the address given by the woman on the phone.

48 Egasuas Ave. There it was. The building didn’t look like much; it appeared deserted, except for the freshly painted white door and intercom. Lola paused before pressing the button. Last chance to turn back.

Footsteps scuffled in the alley. A thin, hunched figure was approaching.

Shit. A junkie. Just what I need.

Lola slid her hand into her purse and felt for the smooth round security of her pepper spray canister. She jabbed the intercom’s call button.

“Yes?” A woman’s voice crackled over the speaker.

“Lola Cooper. I called on the phone. Can you let me in please?”

“Of course, Ms Cooper. One moment please.”

Lola wanted to…

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