Nurtured by Them

Stories that Must Not Die

“I love you, too! And I’m so bummed that I won’t be there to see you blossom in the care of and caring of the others. I know you will nurture the group, tending to them as individuals and the whole.”

When I opened this letter and began to read, I slowly started to sob.

Rara has been one of my closer friends online since I started CardCastles in 2012. She entered my life as a fan of my artwork. Once I did a little digging, I was astonished at what a blogging celebrity Rara was, and even more so that she liked my work. We became like family over the years and when I first heard the news, I was saddened to the deepest parts of me.

That same morning we all heard, I received an invitation in my e-mailbox. It said that I was invited to be an…

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How to discourage a teenager and guarantee they lose all interest in school.

Vampire Maman

The college kid lives a charmed life but this year he had a complaint. Wow. At the big university no less. The TA (a graduate student who is a teaching assistant) in his chemistry class is a jerk. By jerk he means an arrogant bleached blonde Australian who talked like he has a mouth full of marbles. I guess the guy can’t surf very well either. He is a prick (the kid’s words not mine.) He doesn’t want to help students. The class is so large (over 100 students) that the professor is obviously unaware of the frustrations of the students. That is an age old problem with universities. Not arrogant Australians, but classes in huge lecture halls and little personal interaction between students and professors. Other than that my child says the classes and professors are fantastic.

High school is, well, high school is another matter. I’ll give you a…

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Good Time

Wow. Must read again and again and share.

A Buick in the Land of Lexus

shooting gallery 2

I’m king of this blood-haunted room,

Grand marshal over the endless parade of junkies, thugs and whores waiting to be immunized against their sad life stories

Cops crawl the streets like flies on shit and fiends need to bang their dope quick, don’t need to get popped holding a dime bag

They need a place to shoot, a sheltered squat with a stash of needles, where other dope fiends can help them hit a closed up vein

So they come here cause it’s close; cause they too sick to make it home or cause they just can’t wait

They come here for a good time

We the best shooting gallery down town,

Boneman, Double D and me run the place and we sell new needles for 2 bucks and bleach if you wanna clean your own

Stupid ass junkies be sharing shit and injecting each other with death,

sharing the lethal hardware of contaminated needles

Dope fiends…

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Spring poetry

Writer's Treasure Chest

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Sunbeams touch the cooled down ground

the skies turn blue, I hear the sound

of birds in trees and on the wire

the twitters which I do admire.


The plants turn green and so do trees

I see the wasps, flies and the bees

flying, humming to the flowers

spring time does have all these powers.


Word awakes and colors spear

nature seems to reappear.

I feel the warmth right on my skin

the circle of life is to begin.


Here I see the growing corn

there I see some babies born.

A litter full of baby cats

of dogs or rabbits, even bats.


It’s beautiful to look around

plants, animals and things I found.

Spring is great in every style

It makes me sing, and dance and smile.


Copyright Aurora Jean Alexander, April 2015

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I made a joke

A thoughtful and powerful post. Thank you Rae for sharing on Stories That Must Not Die.

Stories that Must Not Die

The following post, submitted by Rae from I Will Not Live in Vain, and is an excerpt from her published memoir.  This is a powerful story, well worth the read, we are honored to share it with you.  It is not a happy story, though, and there are possible triggers around death.  For those who venture on, please welcome Rae to our little community and show her the support we are famous for.


9N was hard work, but that is not why I transferred from the unit. I had started school by this time, and they would not work with me with my schedule. I knew there were several other units that would work with students, so after nine months I started looking at internal listings.

There was a job on 6C in the Childrens Hospital. 6C was also a critical care unit. It was Paediatric Cardiology. I…

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Short Story Sunday: Dead or Alive (a Vampire Romance)

Vampire Maman

“What a bunch of idiots,” Jamie said to himself as he watched a mob of men run down the road brandishing knives and guns they didn’t even know how to use. They wouldn’t dare use them. Well, maybe they would – that is why Jamie had to hide. Now he was all dressed up with no place to go.

Now what? Maybe a trip to his favorite opium den for an easy meal or a trip to Madam Rosanna’s for a drink with one of her girls. At least the girls were clean and pretty, but the rush of opium infused blood sounded good right now.

Jamie ended up back home to change his bloody shirt. He knew his housekeeper would be able to get the stains out but it still annoyed him.

As he grabbed a new shirt out of the wardrobe the smell of jasmine and roses gently made him smile…

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A Story A Day Challenge: Cold Blooded

A fun little bit of a story…

The BiaLog

Cold Blooded

Albert slapped at his arms to help the blood flow. Where is she?

“Honey? I found one! Can you believe they were sold out everywhere else?”

Albert blew onto his hands. “Awesome! Thank you. I love you. You know that, right?”

Marge smiled as she pulled a dark bottle out of the bag and set it on the table. “I know. That’s why I brought you back. Here, drink this. It’ll help warm you.”

Albert took the bottle and gulped down the warm blood in three swallows. Warmth immediately spread through his body. “Oh God, that feels so good.”

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This Week in Macabre & Mysterious Media: April 6 – 12, 2015

Fun stuff!

Renae Rude - The Paranormalist


Deathly Spirits: A Ghost Story (and cocktail recipe) from Ted Raimi

A huge thanks to my daughter, Pooka, for finding this and sharing it with me.

If you only watch, play, or read one thing from this list, it should be:

movie poster whiplash

[EDIT] Now that I’ve found and added the sneak peek video for the 8th season of Ancient Aliens, though, I’ve got to say the TRAILER (at the very least) is not to be missed.

(See below.)



Nothing exciting in the releases this week, but The Babadook is coming next week!

Wait, here’s something: A movie called Monsters: Dark Continent will be coming to theaters soon. I’ll share that next week. Right now, you might want to check out its forerunner. (What’s the the correct name for a movie that spawns a sequel?)
Monsters (2010) R
Currently available on Netflix streaming.

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Revolutionary Fanfiction, Being Creative, Being Weird, Being True to Yourself as an Artist

Vampire Maman

Yesterday we were fully entrenched in the Dark Ages. Now that we’re almost back in the light, Clara, my teenage daughter told me about a girl she knows who writes fanfiction based on the Sons of Liberty TV series. She wrote 60,000 words of fanfiction complete with a lot of non-physical romance between Sam Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Hey, don’t laugh, that might be more accurate than the TV series (Sam Adams was shown as a smokin hot bodice ripping hunka hunka burning love.) Not that Sam and Tom had a romance but the general facts, or lack of facts, in the show. In fact, one of the history teachers read it and said that the teen writer was right on spot with her historic lifestyle facts. It was silly and far-fetched but the girl did a great job. Huzzah!

Will the real Sam Adams stand up. Will the real Sam Adams stand up.

I have never…

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