Maybe It’s Time to Give Up

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Cristian Bortes I’m a voracious reader and easily go through about two books a week. I recently finished a Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth and it’s a really excellent book, though I’d like to expand on…

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One of those days

Originally posted on Vampire Maman:
Ever have one of those days? I was literally up to my elbows in blood. It was all over my shirt. My hands were covered. Everything that could go wrong was. ? My phone gave a meow (my message sound). ? Where are you? I need a ride to skate…

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Secrets, Lies, and Astounding Truths.

Originally posted on Vampire Maman:
When you live in the shadows your life sometimes consists of secrets, lies, and astounding truths. I’m a Vampire (but you already know that) so naturally I know all about secrets, lies, and even astounding truths. Yesterday I was walking my pup on the trail near my home and ended…

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midnight’s mistress

Originally posted on rarasaur:
Morning isn’t good to me, no matter how much I try.  On paper, he’s such an idyllic partner.  All the best magazines say that if I treat him right, he’ll treat me right.  All the best people tell me stories about how he made their dreams come true. But I’ve never…

The Harkin

Originally posted on matthewRstitt:
The warm water from the shower massaged Tracy’s back.  The steam from the heat of the liquid filled the room but left the view within the small bathroom window.  Tracy reached for the shampoo when she saw a frightening shadow passing in front of a the church next to the house.…

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Vampire Diary: In My Youth

Originally posted on Vampire Maman:
Dear Diary, Who is the man they call Disney? What magic does he use to lure children to his kingdom? What is this mouse who surrounds himself with princesses? And then there is a tale of a man who eats nuts and mice who dance at Yule time. It is…

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Short Story Sunday: Saturday Afternoon

Originally posted on Vampire Maman:
Austin Durant was spending Saturday morning with a pot of coffee and a folder full of research materials. His mind was on the article he was writing, but also on the end of the school year, his latest landscaping project, and his girlfriend Elizabeth. He stopped at the sound of…