Avery’s Legacy


~ Photo by Mandy White ~ Clearcut at McClure Mainline, Vancouver Island, Canada ~

Our family tolerated Uncle Avery’s eccentricities, given his service record, but secretly they considered him to be the family nutjob – just another crazy old pothead veteran. Most of my relatives only listened half-heartedly when Avery talked, but I found his stories entertaining. Avery was great company beside a campfire. Many a night I sat, riveted by his often graphic accounts of his many brushes with death during his time as a military pilot in the Middle East. As time passed, Avery’s tales veered away from war stories toward current events, which morphed into apocalyptic and inevitably to conspiracy theories.

He was convinced that “The Big One” was coming any day. He claimed to have seen all the signs: flocks of birds; unusual clouds; numbers in the subway that matched the birthdates of members of our…

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The Warmth of the Water

Beautiful story


The boy waited for her to leave. He knew that she meant well. He knew that she wasn’t going to hurt him in any way. But he waited for her to leave the bathroom before he removed his clothes.

He averted his gaze as he undressed. He didn’t look at the bruises on his arms or at his reflection in the mirror. Fortunately, that avoidance behavior was a familiar habit with him. Mirrors were not kind to him. They were blunt and cruel. He couldn’t pretend away what they impassively revealed.

But if he didn’t look at it, if he didn’t see the dark purples and yellowing-greens on his skin, he wouldn’t be reminded of where they came from. He wouldn’t remember the fear. He wouldn’t remember the panic, the certainty that he was going to die this time.

But this woman…This woman who’d just let him into her bathroom…She…

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The Palms

I know how Jan feels. I’d feel the same if I moved. Wonderful story.


The palm trees had taken over Jan Hill’s world.

She had moved from Florida to Nebraska for a job opportunity. It was a great job — one that fulfilled her emotional and professional needs. Pay was much better than average, with the promise of yearly raises. Great benefit package.

And it was located next to a combined Mrs. Fields/Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins megashop. That megashop was a lifesaver on stress filled days.

But Jan missed the palm trees. She tried to see the joy and love in deciduous trees and pine trees and scrub bushes. But they failed to compare to the glory of a mature palm tree.

Palm trees were her universal symbol for home and peace and everything good in life that one couldn’t buy at a Mrs. Dunkin Robins megashop. But Nebraska was not Florida. Palm trees were not meant to live in Nebraska. The weather there was…

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Sam and Roscoe Need Your Help


I have found myself in a difficult position. My rental home has sold and I need to move on short notice. Due to the housing crisis, the biggest hurdle is finding a place to live that will accept my dogs. I have succeeded in finding an ideal home, but it means a long distance move and leaving my current job to start another. The transition is going to be rough financially, with the cost of the move and the gap in paydays while I am between jobs.

Roscoe, still spry at 14

I’m not one of those assholes who would get rid of a pet just to get a rental. My dogs mean everything to me, and I will make this move to ensure I can continue to provide them with a loving forever home.

Sam, my water-loving gentle giant

I’m running a fundraiser between now and the time…

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Hoping For A Miracle


Jim and Dana were no longer newlyweds. They’d been married for a full year, hoping for a miracle. Hoping for a missed period. Hoping for all of those wonderful symptoms that most freshly married people hope for.

It took them another full year for that miracle to come true.


Betty and Albert had been married for many years. They had no children. She was getting up in age. She believed that menopause would happen.  She didn’t hope for a miracle. Neither did he.

But they welcomed it when it came.


Pete sat alone with his newborn baby in his arms. She was so small. So small. So frightfully small wrapped up in so many blankets. Her life was fragile, like a spiderweb line waiting to be snapped. Maybe even more frail than that.

Yet, she was still alive. Her heart was beating. She was still breathing.

She wasn’t…

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A Child’s Nightmare

Writer's Treasure Chest

Earlier this year I had a task to fulfill: Write a one-page short story, not more than 400 words, Fiction/Drama. I did that, submitted it, and waited. A while later the reading was ready. It took quite some time until the information got to me, but finally, it’s here.Listen to the Short Story Reading below.

1pg. Short Story: A Child’s Nightmare

by A.J. Alexander on Vimeo

A Child’s Nightmare By Aurora Jean Alexander

I waited in my grandmother’s salon. The entire house seemed to walk on tiptoes. Did they really think I didn’t know what my parents wanted to tell me?

I was in the living room yesterday when they broke out in one of their arguments.

“I think we should take Stephanie to that boarding school. It would be easiest for her not to see her home being sold, our belongings split up, and us moving to…

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Dear Tucker Carlson

Bravo Mr. Kearney


Dear Tucker Carlson,

Hey Tuck, I just got done watching a segment of your show. You know, the one where you suggest that there should be a camera in every classroom in order to root out…let me get this accurate…”civilization ending poison.” https://twitter.com/ndrew_lawrence/status/1412566208763895810

I’m going to zig where you thought most teachers would zag. I welcome your Orwellian cameras in my classroom. Frankly, I don’t know many teachers who would object to having people watch what we do. As a matter of fact, I hate to tell you this Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, but most of us spent the last year having video cameras in our classrooms.

See, I think you believe that your suggestion that people see what happens in our classrooms will somehow scare teachers. The truth of it is that we have been begging for years to have people, such as yourself, come into our classrooms. I…

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Don’t Feed the Fruit Flies


Dr Rogin was right. These were no fruit flies. Nothing I’d ever seen compared to them. Sure, they were tiny, dark and winged, but the resemblance to anything on earth ended there. The most notable difference was the number of legs the things had. Insects had six legs, arachnids had eight, but these bugs had ten. I’d never seen anything with ten legs before, though I’d heard of one rather obscure case involving a ten-legged creature of Australian origin. What I was looking at had to be one of two things: a newly evolved or previously undiscovered species from Earth, or something alien in origin. Both options simultaneously excited and terrified me. Having seen the destructive power of these tiny swarming creatures, I had no doubt it was a matter of time before humanity was overcome, unless we could find a way to stop them.

The insects, if that was…

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Nightmare Fuel: The Rake


Hello Addicts,

Urban legends and creepypastas are the campfire stories of our day and age. The stories they share are ones to frighten, make us question their reality, and fuel our nightmares. To me, the best are the ones that sound plausible enough to hope they are not real. One such tale is regarding The Rake.

The creature known as The Rake stands around six feet tall and hairless with gray, sallow skin and a humanoid or a dog-like appearance. As if not scary enough, the creature also has big black eyes and long talonlike fingers that will throw the bravest into terror. It is patient, preferring to stalk its prey to feed on their sanity via nightmares and fear. After it is satiated, the creature tears its victim apart or infects them in a fashion similar to the face-huggers in the Alien movies. As frightening as it is, the…

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A Treat for Fans of Horror and Suspense!

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely yes. Hell yes.


This is typically a short story blog, but occasionally I’ll deviate from that format to share something fantastic. Like this book, for example.

In the Palace of Ordeal and Death is a brand new release by a Canadian author, set in my native British Columbia.

Description from Amazon:

“Terror and ruin await those who trespass upon the palatial repository of Alizarin Soranus, self-appointed Emperor of Ordeal and Death, and the Novelties of Sorrow. For two very different groups of explorers the verbosity will become horrifically succinct.
In the wake of Soranus’ mysterious disappearance, the estate sales team of Lander and Rhoe are retained to list his extravagant collection of macabre and historical artefacts. Consequently their research rouses a dormant malevolence, hidden in the depths of the eccentric structure, one hungry for fear and pain.
When a team of paranormal investigators arrives unexpectedly, the malignance intensifies and culminates in the murderous…

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Bounty Hunter – Release Party and Blog Tour!

Writer's Treasure Chest

This year, for the very first time, with the organizational talent and invaluable skills of Amanda Johnson-Lindsey, Bounty Hunter, 4th book in ‘The Council of Twelve’ series, is going to celebrate a virtual book release party!

I’m very excited about the event, which is going to take place

April 3, 2021 8 am – 8 pm PDT

There are still spots available for participants. Please, sign up on the sheet here if you’d like to participate in the ‘action’.


And please, share the link to everyone you know. The more the merrier!

If you prefer being a guest on the party, feel free to drop in anytime! Here’s the link!


Also, organized by Amanda Johnson-Lindsey, is a Bounty Hunter blog tour, which I’m very excited about!

I’d be delighted if you agree to participate with your blog!

Please sign up here:

Blog Tour: Bounty Hunter by A.J. Alexander…

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Diana’s Despair

The Thought Harpy

Copyright © 2019. Diana Garcia. All Rights Reserved.

She is transfixed,

searching the fens

of a bleak oblivion.

He is just there,

then shimmers

away, teasing.

A paralyzing poison

infuses veins

and pollutes her ennui.


She floats like seaweed in

an obsidian ocean

of insouciance

Immersed in some Lovecraftian netherworld:

Cthulhu’s glorious many arms and legs,

a welcome straight jacket,




into her

every orifice.

The glutton




on her anguish.

Shafts throb,


Bloody claws comb away



and sad skin.

She moans,

in ecstasy for more of this amorous vice;

Longing to drown in tasty fluids and slime-slickery wet forgetfulness.

Mmmmmm, a delicious

foul opioid.

This beloved cosmic entity lovingly,


entices feelers to voraciously suck

desolate, delectable pain.

Entwined, it is an osculation

into perdition.

Like a sculptor

he reverently





She succumbs.

She, now, his succubus.


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Alleviating The Ache



Every day is a little harder.
Every day is a little easier.
Every day is a little reminder.
Every day is a little forget.

And the ache is there.
In heart

And the ache is there.
In bed.
Living room.
Family room.

It is there.
In minutes.

But they say,
“The pain won’t last forever.”
“The ache will lessen.”
“The ache will one day cease to be.”

And they say,
“Start dating again.”
“Keep your heart open to love.”
“Let me give your name and number to this great guy I know.”

But you’re afraid.
To say yes.
To give love another chance.
To open your heart to that final hurt again.

For the ache is there.
It is always there.
Every day, it is there.

Until one day
You meet him.
Not your…

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Bounty Hunter Release Day

New books to add to your spring reading list.

Writer's Treasure Chest




4th book of ‘The Council Of Twelve’ Series

Time to watch the trailer:


When Centriel roams the Earth in a dark mood and atypical despair, in a mountain clearing, far from humankind, he unexpectedly discovers a runner, followed by a petite hunter. The way the woman treats the giant fugitive amuses the Archangel, but he quickly learns that neither of them are what they seem to be.

Simin Arnatt is an extraordinary woman. Her occupation as a Bounty Hunter takes her all over the world, as she follows her prey to the most unusual places. She would have never expected to meet the famous Centriel while on a hunt. When he offers to help her, she feels the enormous attraction, but she knows, with the secret she holds, she could never dare to hope for love.

Neither of them could…

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