What I learned from going to a metal concert with my teen

Sometimes the idea of taking your pre-teen or teen to a metal concert or any rock concert can be scary. But it can also be fun. Just do your research, don’t be a fool and relax and have fun. Also read this article.

Click here for: What I learned from going to a metal concert with my teen. This article was written after going to a Black Veil Brides concert but it could apply to any rock concert at a small to medium sized venue or any event with your teenagers.


Even Vampires have “those days”

An essay on life, the busy mom, vampires, teens, every day life and stuff we all go through (and a little music and the unexpected – but then everything is unexpected.)

Click here on: Even Vampires have “those days”.

The Wednesday Poetry Corner With Susie Bertie

I have had a lucky streak …. a fair number of years in the company of some stellar songwriters – one of my favorites  – songwriter, singer of songs and musician  Darrell Scott.  Darrell  writes songs that lean into the deep cuts of this land ; a little Country, a little Americana, a whole fishing bucket of poetry. There is timeless essence here,  and to tap that elxir, to weave that spell … well, any tribe of traveling minstrels or poets strive for that alchemy.

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