Unexptectd shorts

Click on the link here for unexpected short stories, usually with a twist or turn. Gothic romance, modern tales, paranormal, ghosts, gods, more romance, and a lot of humor: Short Stories (Stand Alone).  

The Mermaid

This is amazing! P.T. Barnum would be proud (that you aren’t a sucker.) Click here for: The Mermaid.   If you like an interesting blog that is well written full of all sorts of interesting and unusual things you should be following Zygoma at paolov.wordpress.com  

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Gentleman Companion

My gentleman companion June 28, 2013 by Juliette | Leave a comment Oscar – my gentleman companion A true gentleman living in a world full of wonder and delight. His conversations are loud but always entertaining – even when he visits the neighbors who always listen with great humor what he has to say. He is my cat…