Boat ride

Perfect summer verse from R James Turley. If you aren’t following this blog you’re missing out on some of the most outstanding prose and verse I’ve seen in a long time. Discover something new.

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Rode a boat today
It was a great day
Feeling the wind through my hair
As we skim across the water
And through the air
makes you feel so free
I could just be me
Not a care
As we watch the world go by
Like a rodeo bull rider
Riding those waves
The boat goin higher and higher
Feeling the coolness of the water
As it splashes up
And roll off your face
Flying across the water
Makes you want to holler
You wish every day
Can be so free

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Unexptectd shorts

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Know a Writer? Read This

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Each day A Small Press Life brings us wonder and beauty and humor and literary things that we ought to be thinking about, or at least keeping near our hearts in case we need that extra jolt of inspiration.

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Are Some Humans Born to Bully? Born to Be Victims? Can It Be Changed?

Great article about bullies and writing and life. Click here for: Are Some Humans Born to Bully? Born to Be Victims? Can It Be Changed?.

Another great blog post from Kristen Lamb.

And remember (these are my words,not from the article above), you might not be able to get rid of bullies, but you can teach yourself and your kids how to NOT be bully bait. Stand up and stand proud. And remember bullies are just a bunch of shit heads.

~ MT



Searching for Vampires and Love Letters (and a monkey on your knee)

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Writing Space

A wonderful post about my friend and REAL blogger Gina McKnight.


You’ll like her blog, her attitude towards everything, her sense of beauty and her horses and cats.

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The Wednesday Poetry Corner With Susie Bertie

I have had a lucky streak …. a fair number of years in the company of some stellar songwriters – one of my favorites  – songwriter, singer of songs and musician  Darrell Scott.  Darrell  writes songs that lean into the deep cuts of this land ; a little Country, a little Americana, a whole fishing bucket of poetry. There is timeless essence here,  and to tap that elxir, to weave that spell … well, any tribe of traveling minstrels or poets strive for that alchemy.

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