Secret lives and private stories

Reading, writing and being inspired.

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Searching for Vampires and Love Letters (and a monkey on your knee)

Weird and somewhat disturbing search terms used to find one of my blogs…Click here for: Searching for Vampires and Love Letters (and a monkey on your knee).

You can tell your story…

My brother Max told me about a guy named S. Harry Zade who had to tell stories. He was good, Harry was. If you aren’t following his blog you should be. I checked it out and found that Max had a guest post telling HIS story. Maybe I am a good influence. Huh. Interesting. Click here or go to the link below for all the dirt, I mean Max’s story. you to The Narrative Imperative and the good folks at the Epiphany Cafe for sharing Max’s story.We all have stories but some of us are story tellers.I always see blog posts and articles and Facebook and other “things” and people asking “Why do you write?”

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Know a Writer? Read This

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Each day A Small Press Life brings us wonder and beauty and humor and literary things that we ought to be thinking about, or at least keeping near our hearts in case we need that extra jolt of inspiration.

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Are Some Humans Born to Bully? Born to Be Victims? Can It Be Changed?

Great article about bullies and writing and life. Click here for: Are Some Humans Born to Bully? Born to Be Victims? Can It Be Changed?.

Another great blog post from Kristen Lamb.

And remember (these are my words,not from the article above), you might not be able to get rid of bullies, but you can teach yourself and your kids how to NOT be bully bait. Stand up and stand proud. And remember bullies are just a bunch of shit heads.

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Interview with Author Laurie W. Smith

One of the best author interviews I’ve read.

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Thank you Raani York for introducing us to such a smart blogger and author (and for your smart blog!)

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Your fantasy world…

A wonderful article about writing and creating fantasy worlds. Read: Editor’s Corner 101.14.

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