Letters to Euturpe – The Doll-Faced Man

A must read


The doll-faced man followed the woman in the billowy red dress into the desert.

He followed her unwillingly. For she held a strange magic over him that compelled him to go anywhere and everywhere with her.

She knew this.

Yet, he was not allowed to get too close. He was not allowed to touch. For one touch would be enough to break her bond on him. And he would be free.

She knew this as well.

He yearned to beg for his freedom, but his lips were forevermore sealed.

She looked at him with a cruel smile on her face. “Tonight.” Her voice was as warm and as unsatisfying as honey. “Tonight you will dance for me. But remember this: You cannot touch me. You can dance circles around me and I will be amused. If you touch me, I will be deeply disappointed and displeased.”

She flung a black…

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Author: Juliette Kings

I'm a mom, artist and writer, living in California. Westcoastreview.wordpress.com and Vampiremaman.com

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