Review: ‘A Star is Born’ (it takes a lot to try)

The weekend is here and time for movies. Nice to have some “real” reviews. And like the Reaper said “Bring your tissues.” by Grim D. Reaper #grmdrpr

If you’re swayed by tear-jerkers, you’re going to need a whole box of tissues.

Ally (Lady Gaga) is an aspiring singer who can’t get a break… until folksy singer-songwriter Jack (Bradley Cooper) wanders into a bar on drag night and hears her perform. Both distracted and inspired by her potential, he invites her backstage to one of his concerts after a night of misadventure, coaxing her out for the world to experience. Older brother Bobby (Sam Elliot) watches out for Jack, specifically his bottled demons and lack of self-care, yet even he can see that Ally is good for him. As Jack’s star continues to fade, Ally’s is on the rise, pushing both toward making hard decisions about their careers, themselves, and one another… but Fate isn’t always kind.

Based on screenplays from 1954 and 1976 versions of this story while written, directed, and co-starring Bradley Cooper (doing an amazing…

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Author: Juliette Kings

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