Frankenstein Stamps from Jersey Post

These are beautiful!

The Horror Hothouse


This year marks the bicentenary of the  publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, without doubt one of the most important books ever written in the history of horror and science fiction. To mark the occasion the Channel Island of Jersey commissioned my pals at Bristol’s So Design to create a set of eight stamps and a philatelic miniature sheet with a 3D lenticular effect, which were released on Monday 18 June. We think they look amazing.


frank mini.png Miniature sheet

Jersey Post’s Rachel MacKenzie, told us: ‘Frankenstein is such a hugely influential novel that to this day, it is still studied in schools and universities all over the world. Our aim was to stay as true to the book as possible, depicting the creature as Shelley describes him, as “eight foot tall with yellow eyes as well as yellow skin tightly covering his muscles and arteries and with lustrous, flowing black…

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