Today a perfect Spring day-Divine Nature

Important message. Thank you John.


Divine Nature

(Old words and thoughts)

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need long walks into the deep forest. Nature can show us we are just part of a living system that need cooperation of all of us for the human race to survive.


                            Divine Nature

In the deceit and deception of human greed.
We forgot. We are part of this planet.
The water, land and air is for us to share with the free animals of this world.
The kindness of God allowed great trees that are reaching for the  heavens to
create clean air for us to breathe.
Great oceans and lakes for us to supply needed water to give us life and energy.
Great factories pour and dump poison into the air and water. Slowly killing all life without concern.

Delicate man is blood, water and bone. A fragile creature killing his habitat without concern for…

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