Vampire Diary: Modern Worlds

Vampire Maman

Dear Diary,

I wrap my arms in bandages cursing the day I ever met the demons that try to haunt me. If I am dead, they are truly the spawn of those who have never lived.

They are the ones who have no past and a future bathed in pain. They were spawned by hate and malice. They thrive on violence and spite. No, it wasn’t my ex-wife.

Poison surged through my veins like fire. Fear and anger filled me – emotions I do not allow had all come back.

Looking up I saw a figure. Gillian, my… I don’t know what to call her. She is just mine and I am hers. We are together but we are not.

She took my arm and held it. “I will do what I can. What the crap happened?”

I could feel the heat and pain turning to cold. The fear and anger…

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Author: Juliette Kings

I'm a mom, artist and writer, living in California. and

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