Black Cats Matter

Black cats! You gotta love em.

Evil Squirrel's Nest

Have you pet a black cat today?

Friday’s here again, and much to the dismay (or perhaps delight) of my shelf critters, they will once again have to take a back seat to another piece of inspired inspiration that was sent to me for Season Three of Prompt the Squirrel!  The response so far has been…… well, underwhelming to say the least.  Only enough prompts to make it through May 19th!?!?  That won’t do.  Please, please, PLEASE… if you aren’t on this list of those who have done their part in making The Nest a happier place, then you need to go here right now and just type in the first thing to come to your mind in the contact form!  Everyone gets a chance to play, and your prompt doesn’t need to be anything fancy or earth shattering.  It’s that easy!  The only one who should have to strain…

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