The Girl in the Woods: The Party (Serial Novel Part 8)

Vampire Maman

It is Friday which means another installment of Serial Novel The Girl in the Woods This is a regular feature for 2016, our until the story ends. If you’ve missed any of the installments please go to the Girl in the Woods page (check the sidebar or click HERE.)  I started writing this story years ago when I had babies, but haven’t looked at it for years, until now. We are rediscovering this story together. So enjoy. Happy  reading.

Girl in the Woods

Part 8
An Engagement Party

Alexander lived in an ancient stone house about a half mile behind the Royal residence. He had lovingly restored his home into a lavish, yet comfortable 20 room retreat. He wanted a place to entertain and to be alone when necessary. Lori helped him hand pick a staff.

He was in the kitchen picking out the wine. The best was from the “Two Brothers” vineyards…

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