Why I vote in person

Today was election day! Woo Hoo!

I just ran down to the little hippy school around the corner where the polling station was set-up today. The parking lot was full, then I realized a baseball game was going on. That’s ok because I was the last one in there to vote. A few others were there too.

I always vote in person. Why would I do that you might ask, when I can mail in my vote?

1. If someone running for office does something stupid last minute I can change my vote.

2. If someone running for office does something illegal last minute I can change my vote.

3. If someone running for office changes his/her mind last minute then I can change my mind last minute.

4. I like seeing my neighbors.

5. It feels like being part of my community.

6. I like filling in the little bubbles.

7. I get an “I VOTED” sticker.

8. My kids get a sticker.

9. It feels real doing it in person.

10. I like old people. All of the volunteers are retired folks. They are required to have at least 3 people over 80 and one over 90. They’re so cute.

11. I can walk my dog down to the polling station. She loves it.

12. All of the above.

But no matter how you vote, just remember to do it. Every election. No excused. People in other countries risk their lives to vote. People have died for your right to vote.

And if you don’t vote you don’t get to complain about anything. No you don’t. Not one single thing. So vote!