Nurtured by Them

Stories that Must Not Die

“I love you, too! And I’m so bummed that I won’t be there to see you blossom in the care of and caring of the others. I know you will nurture the group, tending to them as individuals and the whole.”

When I opened this letter and began to read, I slowly started to sob.

Rara has been one of my closer friends online since I started CardCastles in 2012. She entered my life as a fan of my artwork. Once I did a little digging, I was astonished at what a blogging celebrity Rara was, and even more so that she liked my work. We became like family over the years and when I first heard the news, I was saddened to the deepest parts of me.

That same morning we all heard, I received an invitation in my e-mailbox. It said that I was invited to be an…

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