Why More Women Don’t Come Forward

We are afraid to come forward.

Why are we afraid we’ll loose our jobs, our friends, our relationships, or our reputations if we say anything?

Why don’t we tell everyone he lied about us?

Why don’t we come forward when we are stalked by an older boss, who drives by our house while his trophy wife and two kids wait at home? Why don’t we file a claim after he brings us to lunch, orders wine, and puts his hand on our legs. Why are we afraid we’ll be blackballed from the job market?

Why don’t we say anything when our asses are grabbed at parties. Why do we say anything when they talk about our boobs in ways that make us uncomfortable. Why don’t we say anything when our roommate’s friend expects to have sex with us, but we don’t really want to, but we do. Why do we take drugs or drink stuff because some guy told us to try it?

Why do we brush it off when guys touch us or say rude sexual things to us? Why do we ignore it and just move on?

Why do we let guys pressure us into doing things we don’t feel comfortable with. Why do we think that if we say NO they won’t like us. Why do we care if guys like that like us?

Why do we stay with men who brag about conquests? Why do we forgive men who talk badly about women who aren’t considered pretty? Why do we spend time around men who are threatened by powerful women?

Why don’t we say anything when men compare us with numbers. Why don’t we do anything when they expect us to look like models, or centerfolds, or Barbie dolls?

Why don’t we do anything when we say NO, and then we are called a bitch, a cunt, or a whore? Why don’t their friends say anything when they call us a bitch, a cunt, or a whore?

Why are we afraid?

We don’t do anything because we’re told:

  • Get over it.
  • It wasn’t that bad.
  • He just likes you.
  • You’ll lose your job.
  • It was nothing.
  • You should have been more careful.
  • You could have said no.
  • It was your fault.
  • Nobody likes you.
  • You liked it.
  • You’re a slut.
  • You’re a bitch.
  • You’re crazy.
  • You’re a liar.
  • You’re a whore.
  • You’re stupid.
  • I will ruin your life if you tell anyone.
  • I am more powerful than you.
  • I will hurt you.
  • You don’t matter.

That is why women don’t speak up.

All of the stories above are from women I know. There are many more stories like this. Thousands of stories. More than thousands.

It isn’t bad-boy locker room talk. It isn’t just being friendly. It is offensive, it is unwanted, and it is WRONG.

~ MT


Time to get political: A sad day for American Women

I’m going to rant. If you don’t like it or the title of this post you can go look for cute cat pictures or move to a country where women have no rights.

Birth control has nothing to do with religion.

People who want to control a woman’s medical choices does not do it for the sake of God. God says nothing about birth control and doesn’t give a shit about birth control.

It is all about controlling women. It is all about pretending to be God. It is all about power. It is all about an agenda built on hate for women. It is about hate for your employees.

Not allowing female employees of a company to control their own health decisions is sexual harassment.

I am ashamed that our highest court ruled for Hobby Lobby.

It is a shame and a sad day for America and for freedom.

I remember when I was young and my health insurance did not cover birth control. It covered everything else. That made no sense. It was barbaric.

So FUCK YOU HOBBY LOBBY. I’m ashamed you’re an American company. I’m ashamed that you got what you want. There is a special place in Hell waiting for you.



SJ Topic: Body Image

More on body image: Click here for: SJ Topic: Body Image.

Thank you Sara Jane for putting yourself out there on video with your thoughts on this subject.

So much pressure is put on young people to be like the fake plastic “perfect” people they see on TV and in magazines. That isn’t real. That isn’t right. Body image is an important discussion we all need to have – especially with our kids.

Like I always say, if we were all the same or all perfect life would be boring and truly awful.



Refuse to be Homogenized—Beauty, Bullying and Media “Mean Girls”

A must read from Kristen Lamb. Click here for: Refuse to be Homogenized—Beauty, Bullying and Media “Mean Girls”.


This article gets the full big five stars from West Coast Review. And if you aren’t following warriorwriters.wordpress.com you ought to be. Do yourself a favor.