Exceptional Liars

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What are you reading next? Check out this new novel from Marla Todd – Exceptional Liars.

Alex Goldstein has a thriving law practice with his wife Tasha Alexander. Life is is good. Well, except for the fact that he drinks too much, and his wife regularly cheats on him. To keep his mind off of his problems Alex writes about by serial killers. His most recent obsession is The Killer of Virtue.

Liz Hobbs is born into a large family of sneaky manipulative children with an unhealthy fear of God only ranks second to the fear of their narcissistic parents. After the murder of her brother and only ally Steve, then the loss of a college scholarship for bad behavior, Liz falls in love. Unfortunately that includes falling into an abusive marriage with relationship counselor Greg Atkinson.

Liz decides to end it all and jumps from a bridge, only to find herself in the bed of her friend Darren Crawford. He isn’t just a friend; he is The Killer of Virtue. Fortunately for Liz, Darren drops dead of natural causes. Now with everyone thinking she is dead, Liz pulls a Huck Finn and runs.

After misreading the phone number of a women’s shelter Liz ends up in office of Alexander and Goldstein. Alex helps her build a new life as his own life falls apart.

Now available on Amazon.

Discovery – New Science Fiction

I’m pleased to announce NEW Science Fiction from master story teller Robert Betz!

Discovery (Chronicles of Man – The First Age)

by Robert Betz

It’s the year 2174…
A stunning discovery in the outer reaches of the solar system promises to change the course of human history and usher in a new era. The task of unlocking its secrets falls on Dr. David Moravian, a brilliant but arrogant scientist mired in the trappings of his own success. But before Moravian can help mankind, he must first come to terms with his own humanity.

“THE”…The long awaited new novel from Nathan Tackett

I’m so pleased to learn that “THE” by talented Nathan Tackett from Inside Joke Publishing is DONE and ready! For Horror fans this will be a treat. For everyone else be ready for a thrill ride! This book will scare the shit out of you!

THE Nathan Tackett











Dear readers (all three of you),

This is a moment I’ve been waiting my whole life for–

Screw it! I’m not gonna lie. Tonight, I was drawing up a freakin sweet poster for the official launch of THE on October 5th when I realized it ALREADY IS OCTOBER 5TH!  I could’ve just acted like nobody was paying attention and just started everything next week, but-to hell with it. I’m ready. IT’S ready. So let us begin on schedule.

Just a reminder: every Friday I will release a brand new segment of THE until the story is completely told.  All you have to do is follow along on this blog or be even cooler and like the INSIDE JOKE facebook page to get tons of extra goodies.

Time to turn out the lights, pour yourself something strong, and enter the world of THE…