“THE”…The long awaited new novel from Nathan Tackett

I’m so pleased to learn that “THE” by talented Nathan Tackett from Inside Joke Publishing is DONE and ready! For Horror fans this will be a treat. For everyone else be ready for a thrill ride! This book will scare the shit out of you!

THE Nathan Tackett











Dear readers (all three of you),

This is a moment I’ve been waiting my whole life for–

Screw it! I’m not gonna lie. Tonight, I was drawing up a freakin sweet poster for the official launch of THE on October 5th when I realized it ALREADY IS OCTOBER 5TH!  I could’ve just acted like nobody was paying attention and just started everything next week, but-to hell with it. I’m ready. IT’S ready. So let us begin on schedule.

Just a reminder: every Friday I will release a brand new segment of THE until the story is completely told.  All you have to do is follow along on this blog or be even cooler and like the INSIDE JOKE facebook page to get tons of extra goodies.

Time to turn out the lights, pour yourself something strong, and enter the world of THE…