The battle will be won with words.

The battle will be won with words.

It will be won with drawings.

It will be won with humor.

It will be won by those who will not let evil and intolerance black mail and threaten them into silence.

Freedom of thought, opinion, words, hearts and humor comes first – always.

I think back of those who have been fighting with the pen, the pencil and the keyboard. They are the ones who allow us to be here on our blogs. They are the ones who allow us to live with free thoughts and the sharing of opinions.

My heart is with those who died in France and their families. My heart breaks for all people who are being killed and imprisoned all over the world for speaking their mind and expressing their thoughts – from reporters to cartoonists to musicians to artists to housewives and teachers.

Evil exists but we will prove Evil wrong. We will write. We will draw. We will laugh. We will express ourselves. We will love. We will have our own ideas. We will be FREE.

There is no God in the universe who believes that we should not have ideas and opinions – otherwise we wouldn’t have brains or hearts.

Je Suis Charlie