Steragos: An Intro

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An Intro

Posted on July 7, 2014

For anybody new and curious about Legends of Steragos , welcome!  Pull up a chair , lemme talk atcha.  Allow me to give you the skinny about LOS.LOS is a book series , which is a bit difficult to say since the series currently consists of one book.  However , I’m working on the second one currently , aiming for a September release. By the looks of things , it’s shaping up to be a humdinger.  There’ll be a snow goddess, a train crash, bandits,  dangerous quests, a venture into an otherworldly realm, and one character even uses an intercom!I like intercoms.  That’s … that’s why that’s there.  I like ‘em.The stories of LoS  take place in the enchanted realm of Steragos, during the technological revolution of that world’s 1920s, and center around three heroic princesses – Zariah, the stalwart leader and future queen of the land, Ayomi, a brilliant pilot and inventor from Savgali-Mesada, and Ballista, an eccentric, gunslinging bookworm adventurer.  Brought together by similar tragedies, these three women fight with their backs together to keep their realm safe, prosperous and free.

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Experience the Wonder: Tinsel Tales

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A Night at the Crest

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If you’re wondering where the name West Coast Review came from, this is the story. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Discovery – New Science Fiction

I’m pleased to announce NEW Science Fiction from master story teller Robert Betz!

Discovery (Chronicles of Man – The First Age)

by Robert Betz

It’s the year 2174…
A stunning discovery in the outer reaches of the solar system promises to change the course of human history and usher in a new era. The task of unlocking its secrets falls on Dr. David Moravian, a brilliant but arrogant scientist mired in the trappings of his own success. But before Moravian can help mankind, he must first come to terms with his own humanity.