Time to get political: A sad day for American Women

I’m going to rant. If you don’t like it or the title of this post you can go look for cute cat pictures or move to a country where women have no rights.

Birth control has nothing to do with religion.

People who want to control a woman’s medical choices does not do it for the sake of God. God says nothing about birth control and doesn’t give a shit about birth control.

It is all about controlling women. It is all about pretending to be God. It is all about power. It is all about an agenda built on hate for women. It is about hate for your employees.

Not allowing female employees of a company to control their own health decisions is sexual harassment.

I am ashamed that our highest court ruled for Hobby Lobby.

It is a shame and a sad day for America and for freedom.

I remember when I was young and my health insurance did not cover birth control. It covered everything else. That made no sense. It was barbaric.

So FUCK YOU HOBBY LOBBY. I’m ashamed you’re an American company. I’m ashamed that you got what you want. There is a special place in Hell waiting for you.