Edible Art: Princess Buttercups

Kitchen Overloard. If you aren’t following this blog you are missing out on so much fun. Click here for: Edible Art: Princess Buttercups.   Princess Buttercups on Kitchen Overlord gets a big 5 star thumbs up for good taste and the best ever illustrations from West Coast Review.  

Baked Corned Beef, Spinach, and Swiss Cheese Braid

YOU MUST fix THIS for dinner tonight. Click here for: Baked Corned Beef, Spinach, and Swiss Cheese Braid.   Clear directions with PHOTOS (plus it is something you’d actually want to eat and serve to your family and friends) give this post 5 stars from West Coast Review. And if you aren’t following anotherfoodieblogger.wordpress.com you…

Beautiful Bruchetta – Canning Magic

There is something about summer canning that makes me feel calm and makes everything feel right. It is simple, thoughtful and keeps summer alive all year long. And it isn’t bad for the ego either because everyone loves the stuff I make. My rule is that if you bring back the jars I’ll give you…

ManBacon’s Bacon Pancakes

I usually don’t post pornography…but this is almost too much. CAUTION when viewing. If you’re vegan you won’t be after seeing this. Nobody can resist: ManBacon’s Bacon Pancakes. 365 Days of Bacon has to be just about one of the most fun blogs out there. If you don’t follow it you should.