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I could live in hundreds of different places. There are places that I may very well move to¬†and leave the area I’ve lived more or less my entire life.

Five years ago I made a big move. It now seems like a million years ago.

This is my story…

Once upon a time there was a single working girl with an ok job. Before the housing boom she purchased her own little home. She grew flowers and decorated it with art and flair. It wasn’t fancy but it was hers. She eventually added a husband, dogs, cats and a baby girl to the mix. What she didn’t expect to add was neighborhood drug dealers, child molesters, crazy people with guns and assorted low life types who moved into the neighborhood. After years of calling the police, the county, elected officials and bad landlords – she cleaned up the neighborhood. It wasn’t easy. It was awful. It was horrible.

Her husband talked about building an addition to the little house but the thought of that was just depressing. The never ending battles with assorted dirt bags was wearing her out.

So the husband suggested they get an old farm house or find another old house and fix it up. They looked and looked. It would have been exciting but expensive – and more than anything, years of “fixing up” didn’t sound fun.

Then the husband started to look at foreclosures. After months and months he found a house by a park. It was nice. It was quiet. It was home.

This house was less than five miles away but it seemed like a million miles away. It was where she wanted to live and raise her family. It was a place where her family would be safe. And as much as she liked the nice young handsome men in law enforcement she frequently spoke with, it was nice that she wouldn’t have to see them anymore.

And that is my story.

Our old house wasn’t so unsafe but it was uncomfortable because we became used to the drug dealers and the fight. We did have parks to walk in and nice neighbors too but then the calm would be broken, we’d be threatened with guns, we’d have to call CPS on neighbors because their school aged daughters wore nothing but panties, we’d see drug deals 24/7 right across the street. Now we have parks where it is safe, even for our cats. The only unsafe things are coyotes. No it isn’t perfect. Sometimes bad things happen like someone breaking into a car – but…it is so much better. I feel safe. I feel happy. I know my family is happy and safe.


Anyway…I still think of one day living by the ocean or in the mountains or in a big city but this is home. My home.



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