Steragos: An Intro

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An Intro

Posted on July 7, 2014

For anybody new and curious about Legends of Steragos , welcome!  Pull up a chair , lemme talk atcha.  Allow me to give you the skinny about LOS.LOS is a book series , which is a bit difficult to say since the series currently consists of one book.  However , I’m working on the second one currently , aiming for a September release. By the looks of things , it’s shaping up to be a humdinger.  There’ll be a snow goddess, a train crash, bandits,  dangerous quests, a venture into an otherworldly realm, and one character even uses an intercom!I like intercoms.  That’s … that’s why that’s there.  I like ‘em.The stories of LoS  take place in the enchanted realm of Steragos, during the technological revolution of that world’s 1920s, and center around three heroic princesses – Zariah, the stalwart leader and future queen of the land, Ayomi, a brilliant pilot and inventor from Savgali-Mesada, and Ballista, an eccentric, gunslinging bookworm adventurer.  Brought together by similar tragedies, these three women fight with their backs together to keep their realm safe, prosperous and free.

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A Rhyme of Monsters by Matthew J. Barbour

A RHYME OF MONSTERS By Matthew J. Barbour

Oh my goodness what a wonderful rhyme of monsters and wit.

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This one gets a 10 out of five stars from West Coast Review. And if you aren’t following the blog you ought to be. Really, do yourself a favor and check it out.



Boat ride

Perfect summer verse from R James Turley. If you aren’t following this blog you’re missing out on some of the most outstanding prose and verse I’ve seen in a long time. Discover something new.

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You’ll be glad you did.


Rode a boat today
It was a great day
Feeling the wind through my hair
As we skim across the water
And through the air
makes you feel so free
I could just be me
Not a care
As we watch the world go by
Like a rodeo bull rider
Riding those waves
The boat goin higher and higher
Feeling the coolness of the water
As it splashes up
And roll off your face
Flying across the water
Makes you want to holler
You wish every day
Can be so free

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Interview with Author Jacqueline Gum

Interesting interview with some thoughts on writing that will inspire and make you think. Interview with Author Jacqueline Gum.

The interview also includes more links to her writing. Good stuff. Check it out.