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She was more than bad company, she was toxic. Even her name had a hint of evil in it: Elvira. Sam was sorry he tried talking to her. Sam was always taken in by a pretty face, and Elvira wasn’t shy on looks. Her curly black hair stretched down to the…

Jo’Am And The Eclipse

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Author’s Note: Diana over at Mythos of the Mirror has put up a new photo prompt for this month. And let me tell you what: It’s a good one. 😉  Here is my take on it… Jo’am had known all along that his time was limited. His master had crafted him…


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Friends of the Secret Keeper, I am writing this for Marge – or, as many of you know her, Jennifer/jennifer kiley/jk – because she cannot. Marge’s stay in hospital and then short-term care has turned into hospice care. I am hoping to bring her home when she is able…

Some February Romance… Sort of.

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People tell me, “You should write romance! It’s popular… It sells well…” That sounds great in theory, but the truth is, I’m not that kind of writer. The stories I write are murderous, disturbing, or just plain weird. When I attempt to write romance, something terrible is bound to happen……

Burning Question #46: Eclipse

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Are you going to watch the eclipse tonight? Seriously folks, this is not trick. That is the Burning Question this week. Yes, this week is Burning Question #46. Yes, 46 out of 50 Burning Questions. Did any of you see the FULL the Solar Eclipse in September, 2018? I camping…

Christmas In Pinkerlee

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Author’s Note: This is just a small non-canon glimpse into some future Christmas with my characters.  Isellta sat on the top step of the front porch. He set his feet on the next step down, bunching his knees up. He looked up at the sky. The moon was full. The stars…

Short Story Sunday: Green Man

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As Chloe walked her dog on the cold November morning, her mind turned to the holidays. Why was there yet ANOTHER remake of the Grinch? Why couldn’t they just leave it alone. No. Somebody just had to make another piss poor remake with another famous voice. She thought of how…

My Mom Blogs About Vampires

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? Seriously, I did date that guy, and more. What you share with your kids and what you don’t is up to your own comfort level. You don’t want to tell them everything. They don’t need to know it all. But you don’t want to tell them nothing. But this…

Are We Scared Yet?

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A Little Trick and a Little Treat- you decide which is which. amm ? My favorite rendition of Poe’s ” The Raven “ ? ? However this is truly magnificent- Here is “The Raven”  read in all of it’s glory by James Earl Jones. ?